Peavey VYPYR Review

The Peavey VYPYR is a 15 watt, 266 MHz processor, 15 modeling electric guitar amplifier. This innovative, powerful, and high quality amp is approximately 17.5 inches by 9.6 inches by 16.1 inches in dimension, and it is extremely lightweight, weighing around 19 pounds.

With this slim, sleek, and all to unique design, combined with its lightweight, makes this particular amp perfect for transporting back and forth to gigs, rehearsals, or jam out sessions. Furthermore, the peavey vypyr has one 8 inch custom voiced modeling speaker for optimal audio sound, so clear and clean that you can depict the exact instrument playing, when your playing your mp3, guitar, or cd player.

Peavey VYPYR

Throughout its release this amp has become one of the most sought after amplifiers to many musicians and musical enthusiasts. This amplifier takes amplifying to an entirely new level. With its ease of use and it being incredibly easy to understand how it works, this amp is great for beginner’s, professionals, and everyone else in between. This amplifier makes a brand new bold statement as it transforms the musical industry.

What will the Peavey VYPYR do for you?

There are many various things that the Peavey VYPYR will do for you, that no other amplifier can do. To start, this particular amp has an outstanding double processing power, as well as a 32 bit floating point SHARC processor.

Making this amp completely redefine modern guitar amplifying, making it better than ever. Making it extremely detailed, more accurate modeling, and it has better, more enhanced flexibility. These features combined with its 8 inch speaker, your audio sounds crystal clear, clean, and crisp, without any crackling or popping sounds.

Peavey VYPYR

No matter what level you set your volume to. Plus, with the peavey vypyr it allows you to perform anywhere you want to because it is lightweight, sleek, and compact. Also, it has studio quality headphone output, so you can play your music late at night, when companies over, at night clubs, bars, small gigs, large gigs, at home, or at any point, without disturbing others.

Plus, with this amplifier being so versatile, you can use a wide variety of guitars on this amplifier. Unlike most other amplifiers that you have to search for the certain one that matches your particular guitar.


No other amplifier can compare to this amp, it provides you with more features and better quality than ever before. Your musical capabilities are limitless with this innovative and powerful amp.

This must have amplifier turns your music into a true master piece all at the control of your fingertips. Now you will be able to create some hard hitting tones with this solid state guitar amplifier.


There are many various pros of owning the Peavey VYPYR such as:

  • Each and every Peavey VYPYR amp comes with its very own users manual. This users manual tells you everything you need to know about your new amplifier from its features, setting it up for first time use, and even how to properly maintain it so that it lasts you for many years. This users manual will help you receive the best possible results from your amp.
  • Also this amplifier has 3-band EQ, master volume, as well as both pre- and post-gain controls
  • This amplifier also has a chromatic tuner, as well as an Onboard looper that can go with a Sanpera I or II footswitch
  • The peavey vypyr amplifier has several various Controls such as bass, mid, high, volume and gain
  • This amplifier has a 24 amp channel model. This amp has taken tones from both clean and distorted, from 12 of the most popular amps ever created. Helping you to achieve that perfect sound suitable to your style of music.

Peavey VYPYR Features

  • This amplifier also Has a WYSYIWIG interface.
  • This amplifier also allows you to be able to connect an Mp3 player or a cd player to it. Giving you an even wider range of options when listening or playing your music.
  • This amplifier allows you to open up your creativity and do more with your music that you could not do with regular amps.
  • With this particular amplifier you will spend more time playing your music and recording it, and less time tweaking it, due to its more advanced technology.

Peavey VYPYR

  • This amp has 12 various on board and programmable presets. Something that almost all other amps do not have.
  • This outstanding amplifier has 11 different editable rack effects, as well as a dual parameter fx control that you can play up to 3 FX simultaneously.
  • Every single amp is composed of the finest, most high grade materials possible. This will make the amp more durable, longer lasting, and able to with stanf minor bumps and bruises it might receive during transporting or whatever might occur.
  • This amplifier has a 32 bit floating point SHARC processor, it has patented transtube technology, as well as an impressive 266 MHz processor.
  • Has a tap tempo switch and a true analog distortion, making the sound quality all that much more better.

Here is what you should do next

It is time to take your musical abilities to the next level, by getting yourself the powerful Peavey VYPYR amplifier. Not only will you be able to improve your musical sound, but this particular amp will make all your music sound even better.

No other amp can compair to this amps features, portability, durability, or its cost effectiveness. Once you use this amp for the first time, you will never go back to those less than impressive amps.

This amplifier takes the best of the best from several amps and combines outstanding features into this amp. Also allowing you to play music off your mp3, cd, or listen to them on your headphones. It will feel like your using a real amp for the first time. Stop spending your hard earned money on worthless amps, invest in the best amp available. You will never regret it.

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