Peavey Classic 30 Review

Peavey Electronics Corp has mastered the air-waves with it’s high-quality amplifiers and instruments for more than 5 decades, and championed the hearts of musicians world-wide. They have maintained their intention to continue upholding their founding legacy of pursuing perfection in everything they create like Peavey Classic 30.

Through this intention, Peavey has developed a reputation for listening actively to die-hard peavey fans, so that the pursuit of the perfect peavey is a always community adventure.

Peavey Classic 30

And so far, the Peavey Classic 30 looks like it’s right on target with the same high quality. Persistent durability and beautiful designs that Peavey corp has been so well-known for since 1965.

The first thing that stands out is that the Classic 30 comes ready with one powerful 12AX7s12 Blue Marvel Speaker and 30 Watts RMS leading into 8 to 16 OHMS setup. At first glance that seems like a mighty small system. Though as with many of Peavey’s other small packages, this amp is a big fish in a small tank.

Peavey Classic 30 Controls

The Classic 30 is a part of the coveted Peavey Classic amplifier line that features modern engineering and updated technology with warm vintage tones and traditional chassis designs. This particular guitar amp showcases four 124A tubes for pre-amplification and four EL84 tubes for power.

It is this creative combination that allows any musician to passionately dive into the Peavey Classic 30 without overheating or losing power to the effects or the eq. This is a meaningful set of attributes for any amplifier, as many amps can not match the energy of the artists playing them.


Hands on experience reveals that Peavey was definitely not fibbing when they boasted about the little Peavey Classic 30′s powerful package. The amp has a powerful yet traditional combination of features including the vintage three-band EQ. Reverb with level control, external speaker hookups, a boost switch, effects loop and distortion.

Peavey Classic 30

This allows the Classic 30 model to maintain a clean sound for gigs in small indoor venues. While also retaining enough energy to fill the airwaves with rich sounds in any outdoor space.

The Peavey 30 is a great step down for the Peavey 50 which has 2 12 inch speakers in it. Adding an extra 20 pounds that must be lugged around any time you wish to travel with the amp. It is also a great step down from half-stacks which are also extra heavy, yet extra awkward because of their size and shape.

The Peavey Classic 30 packs all the same power and can still fit easily into any trunk, backseat or floorboard. This versatile guitar amp is perfect for playing in classic era cover bands, modern-retro garage bands and makes a great addition to any studio musicians arsenal. Age is no limitation with the Peavey Classic 30 either, as even early Tech Generation musicians have found a large chamber in their hearts for this dynamic little amplifier.

Here’s What It’ll Do For You

The Peavey Classic 30 is an excellent companion for any guitar player with a fetish for clean sounds and rare classic rock distortion effects. It would also compliment any musicians vintage instruments collection. With its tweed cabinet covering, chrome plated chassis and black-faced speaker grill.

It would line up perfectly next to any vintage Fender, Guild or Gibson six string, and has yet to provide a bad sound for just about any other guitar you can think to hook into it.

And any soon-to-be-companion of one of these tough little amplifier will be happy to in advance. That the Peavey Classic 30 has been put through its paces with diverse genres and musical interludes.

Peavey Classic 30

It can easily handle the darkest classic rock ballads. The most electrifying new country riffs and the even the funkiest disco tunes. As a bonus, it can double as a backup vocal amplifier. Able to amplify everything pop-rock to old school gangster rap vocals with very few challenges.


The Peavey Classic 30 has no problem keeping up with the loudest drummers or deepest bass players in any passionate session or live gig. Making it an easy decision to keep that Peavey near the front door. So that it is ready for any rehearsal, bar gig or ad-lib adventure.

This amp is already sweet enough for me. And while most musicians will agree that it is good enough with the above elements. We all find ourselves filled with extra pride. American hands of Peavey’s Mississippi engineers has designed and manufactured The Peavey Classic 30.

Its a strange yet power feeling of patriotism mixed with the satisfaction of doing business with local companies.

If you add the Peavey Tube Guard into your collection, you’ll increase the value of your amp 3-fold if you can believe that’s possible. The guard was a highly intelligent move on Peavey’s part. As it protects your investment and cements Peavey’s reputation for durable amplifiers.

Peavey Classic 30 Pros

  • 2 Channels
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Small, Portable and Durable Chassis
  • Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Amplification
  • Only needs light maintenance very few years
  • Easy Line Out Options for Connecting Pedals and PA’s
  • Expressive Tonal Range Reminiscent of the 70′s Rock Era
  • Quality, Durability and Sound that Overpower the Competition
  • Great for Blues, Rock, Jazz, Pop, RnB, Classical, Flamenco, Disco, Funk and 80′s Metal


  • Tube Guards are optional and do not come naturally with the Classic 30
  • Amplifier can sometimes be too loud for compact indoor venues

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

The Peavey Classic 30 is the ultimate gift for any dedicated musician friends or family or yours. Even better – the Peavey 30/112 makes a fantastic gift for yourself. In comparison to other brands and models availabl. It is hands-down the best value you will find for such a powerful combination.

So if you’ve been shopping for your next guitar amp, you can end your quest here. This amp was made to be in your home, plugged into your most coveted six string guitar. It’s affordable, versatile and ultra-portable.

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