Nobsound NS-02E Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier Review

Looking for a headphone amplifier? How about a tube-equipped preamp? The Nobsound NS-02E amp doubles as both all while fitting within the palm of your hand. The NS-02E can be paired with your preamp, smartphone, computer, iPod, stereo system, or any other audio device you want to plugin. Add your favorite headphones into the mix and you will get to listen to soft, warm, and exceptionally clear music all day long.

This amp features perfect plug-and-play operation with high-quality 6N3 tubes provided as the default setup. While it’s by no means necessary, you can swap these out for  6A8Q, 2C51, 5670, 5185, 6385, 6185, WE396, ECC 42, 6H3N, 6H3II, ECF82, or 6CC42. Best of all, this little amp is affordable, and Hi-Fi newbies and veterans alike will enjoy it.