Nobsound® MS-10D Hybrid Tube Amplifier Power Amplifier Review 1

The MS-10D Hybrid Tube Amplifier Power Amplifierby Nobsound is in very high demand—currently rated among the top tube amplifiers on the market! This amplifier is regarded as Nobsound’s flagship product due to its attractive appearance and its durability. In addition, its ability to produce incredible sound quality makes its ratings soar—especially in the world of hi-fidelity sound fanatics and stereo sound enthusiasts.

The MS-10D Hybrid Tube Amplifier Power Amplifier doesn’t just produce great sound, it’s affordable too! Hi-fi customers with even the most limited budgets can add this product to their collection.


The Nobsound MS-10D Hybrid Tube Amplifier Power Amplifier’s features include:

  • Dimensions: 1.3×1.1×0.6 inches
  • Weight: (roughly) 10 pounds
  • Features a beautifully elegant and upscale exterior
  • Utilizes a straightforward and functional design that allows easy use
  • Equipped with 2-piece 6N1 and 2-piece 6P1 Beijing tubes
  • Output power of 25W+25W and input power of 100W
  • Input sensitivity of 300mV
  • Output impedance of 4-16ohm and input impedance of 47kohm
  • Voltage requirement of 100V-240V
  • Comes with two channels and a headphone slot
  • Fitted with knobs for easy adjustments of bass and treble
  • Equipped with RCA audio input jacks
  • Comes with high and low regulation knobs
  • Fitted with gold-plated type terminal


The Nobsound MS-10D Hybrid Tube Amplifier Power Amplifier is one of the highest-selling power amplifier options for stereo sound enthusiasts or anyone who loves Hi-Fi sounds. Its design is simple and functional without compromising its high-quality sound. This amplifier is also designed for easy transportation and use. Controls are user-friendly with independent high/low regulation knobs. These simple features aid to the amp’s popularity.

In addition, this power amplifier is highly admired for its high-grade components that boost its level of durability. It is resilient and stands up to the elements.


The Nobsound MS-10D Hybrid Tube Amplifier Power Amplifier, although full of pluses, also has a number of downsides to it as well. First of all, although marketed as portable, it is relatively heavy compared to other similarly priced rivals. It also lacks some of the advanced features that consumers like to see in their amplifiers and are featured on some of its closest competitors.

Additionally, this amplifier is not available in some part of the United States, nor is it sold with an applicable warranty.


Although the Nobsound MS-10D Hybrid Tube AmplifierPower Amplifier is regarded as one of the best-selling tube amplifiers on the market, there are many other options to consider including:

  • APPJ PA0901A 6N4+6P14 Mini Tube Amplifier Silver

This amplifier is a 9×38.3×8.2 inch, 4.6-pound minimalist integrated amplifier which comes equipped with a pair of RCA inputs and passive voice control. It also comes fitted with a 6N4 twin triode that is responsible for feeding a single 6P14 per channel. With an advanced power supply—which delivers an output of 3.5 watts per channel—this amplifier is a great option.

  • Gemtune APPJ PA1502A 6N4+6P6P tube headphone amplifier

This amplifier, on the other hand, is offered as a class A tube amplifier with a single-ended triode, along with 100% tube amplification. Its dimensions are 9.1x8x7.9 inches with a weight of about 5.5 pounds. It also comes equipped with 6P6P power amplification and 6N4 voltage amplification. This amplifier is intentionally designed for expansive soundstage presentations, rich tonal quality, and is perfect for highlighting finer musical details.

Many users could argue for both of these amplifiers since they are both proven to be reliable, durable, and high-quality. However, by taking a look at the features of the three separate amplifiers listed, it becomes apparent that the Nobsound MS-10D Hybrid Tube Amplifier Power Amplifier is the best option. This product comes equipped with an extensive list of features that the other two just cannot match.


The APPJ PA0901A 6N4+6P14 Mini Tube Amplifier Silver comes in second place, as it comes with a similar, but not as in depth, set of features—and at a much higher price. And lastly, the Gemtune APPJ PA1502A 6N4+6P6P tube headphone amplifier. Although this one looks to be the same as the other two, its price makes it a far less-desirable option.

Despite its minor inconveniences, the Nobsound MS-10D Hybrid Tube Amplifier Power Amplifier remains a favorite for those who love good music and excellent sound quality. Because it is designed to be so durable, user-friendly, budget-friendly, and it allows users to tune its audio files to their desired quality, it is still a great amplifier option.