Neoteck Stereo Tube Amplifier Review 2023

Finding the perfect bits and pieces to perfect your audio setup can take a while. From figuring out what sounds better, to whether it’ll fit on that new desk you just got. With a lot of items being bulky, finding the perfect addition that fits just right can be a little tricky. 

Some people may argue that they prefer solid-state amplifiers more than their tube counterparts. However, tube amplifiers give off that smooth sound without sacrificing the audio’s quality at different volumes. If you can’t decide what’s best, Neoteck’s handy, little hybrid stereo tube amplifier might be what you need. 

We’ll be going over what’s to love (and hate) about the Neoteck stereo tube amplifier, as well as what sets it apart from its competition. So, let’s get started, shall we?

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Fit for a Home

Designed with home setups in mind, this compact Hi-Fi amp is equipped to connect seamlessly to your existing audio systems. With no extra installation steps or fiddling with settings to worry about, just plug it in and enjoy. Whether you’ll be hooking it up to your TV, home office, or headphones, the output options will fit your every need.

With both an analog and Bluetooth output, this amplifier makes switching between your Bluetooth device of choice and speakers easy. The treble and bass adjuster knobs give you the creative freedom to adjust them as you like. The volume control can go from mute to blasting your tunes. Just don’t bump the noise too loud to make your neighbors come knocking.

Versatility and Sound Quality

Whether you’ll be using it for watching movies on your TV or jamming with your headphones on, the 0.04% THD and high SNR of 98dB will give you a smooth and crisp audio experience.

The headphone output is 16-300ohm and supports most headphones with high impedance, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

If you’d rather connect it to your phone and enjoy your curated playlists, the Bluetooth receiver has a range of 40 ft and supports the aptX Low latency codec for a lag-free listening experience.

Headphones also get a priority in connection. If your amp is hooked up to a speaker and you plug in your headphones, it will automatically disconnect the speakers. No need to fiddle with switches unless you’re switching from AUX mode to Bluetooth mode.

Many reviewers mentioned that the sound quality whether from desktop or through headphones is warm and clear, despite the skepticism that the low price range brings. They also mentioned little to no distortion at high volumes.

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  • Output power of 50 watts + 50 watts
  • Dimensions: 10.16 x 8.58 x 2.56 inches
  • Frequencies between 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Total harmonic distortion below 0.5%
  • SNR above 98dB
  • 2 6J4 tubes
  • Headphones output of 16-300ohm
  • Bluetooth 4.2 with a transmission range of 40 feet
  • Bass and treble control knobs
  • Input: Analog and Bluetooth
  • Weight: 2.14 lbs


Right off the bat, the sound quality of this amp is superb compared to its price range. It delivers a smooth, musical tone whether you’re streaming music from Youtube or iTunes. Just as long as it’s hooked to compatible speakers. The Bluetooth connection is also stable and the sound quality is consistent with no distortions.

The Neoteck amp comes with two 6J4 vacuum tubes that deliver smooth audio. If they’re not your cup of tea, you can always swap them out for the many alternatives that are compatible with this amp. It also runs quietly when idle, no need to worry about humming or noise.

The circuit design is made to protect built-in speakers, and the chassis is made from solid aluminum to make it sturdy for long usage time. The valves seem to hold up nicely with long hours of use as well, but you can always swap them out.


While this amp seems to have everything, that’s not quite the case. It doesn’t come with a built-in DAC, just the analog and Bluetooth. Another minor inconvenience is that the toggle switch for modes is in the back of the amplifier. This means you’ll have to feel for it to switch it, which might dislodge a cable or two if you’re not careful. 

This brings us to another con, which is the RCA cables. Some reviewers complained that the RCA jacks fit loosely. They could be easily snatched or feel like they’ll sink into their inputs if jammed too hard. So keep that in mind when hooking it up.

While this amp prioritizes headphones’ connectivity over speakers, it doesn’t do the same with Bluetooth. If your amp is connected to speakers via an audio cable, and it’s paired via Bluetooth, the playback from the cable connection will be interrupted. So you’ll have to make sure Bluetooth is turned off on your device.

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What Customer Reviews Say

With a total of 34 ratings and 17 reviews, every opinion counts. Around 72% of customers gave it a 5-star rating and 1-star ratings at 4%. Not too shabby for a mini amp at that price!

Almost all reviewers say it’s a great bargain, with good quality to price ratio. People were also taken by surprise by the quality, saying that it’s sturdier than expected (aside from the RCA outputs). 

The volume control and sound quality also got a round of applause from reviewers who tested the amp with several brands of speakers and headphones. This is noticeable especially after breaking in the tubes.


For what it’s worth, the Neoteck stereo tube amplifier is a nifty addition to your desktop or home setup. It’s compact, it’s versatile, and more importantly, it packs the right amount of audio punch you’ll need to enjoy your favorite tracks or movies.

It also seems to hold up nicely with long hours of use on different outputs, and the valves seem to improve the audio once they get a chance to burn in a little. All in all, we think this mini amp is worth a try.

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