Methods to Learn to Play Intricate Acoustic Guitar Pieces

Whether you are just learning how to play the guitar or already know how to play, but want to find ways to learn how to play intricate guitar solos, there are a number of methods you can try to help you learn more quickly and easily. When attempting to learn intricate acoustic pieces, you can use either an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, although the song sounds entirely different when played on an electric guitar.

Regardless of which type of guitar you choose to learn your intricate acoustic guitar pieces, there are several ways you can make learning these new songs easier. Check out your options and see which ones might be helpful to you.

Invest in a Metronome for Acoustic Guitar

Although some guitarists never use a metronome when practicing the guitar, using one can help you perfect a song’s timing. When first learning a song, you should work in practice tempo, which is usually half of normal, or performance, tempo because it makes it easier to learn the proper chords and get the rhythm down. Once you are comfortable with the song in practice tempo, you can begin increasing the tempo until you reach performance tempo.

Mechanical metronome

+ Does not require electric or batteries

Must keep winded to use

Electric metronome

+ More precise than a mechanical metronome

Requires electricity to run

Digital metronome

+ Some models are compact
+ Easy to set

Require batteries

Which type of metronome you choose depends on your personal preferences. Digital and electric metronomes are typically more compact, so you can take them with you more easily; however, you can use a mechanical metronome without electricity or battery power.

Check Out Some Apps for Acoustic Guitar

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet, you may want to check out some of the applications available for learning how to play the guitar. Many of these apps can sense your pitch and provide feedback on whether or not you are playing the correct notes and chords. While it may be possible to find a free guitar app, most of them are paid apps, although they do vary in price and each one offers a different set of features.

Even if you do not have a smartphone, you can learn how to play intricate guitar solos with the help of modern technology by turning to the Internet. Some of the guitar websites provide much of the same functionality as the apps, but you can use them on your computer. If you do not already own one, invest in a microphone, so the website can provide you with feedback on your playing.

Work on One Section at a Time

When tackling intricate songs, especially long ones, it is best to take them one section at a time. Start at the beginning and work through the first verse until you are comfortable with it and can play it through without struggling. Once you have mastered the first verse, move on to the chorus, but do not forget to practice the parts you have already mastered so you do not forget it. In time, you should be able to master each part of the song and play the whole song through.

Practice Makes Perfect

Another important component to learning an intricate new acoustic guitar song is practicing. You need to practice regularly and frequently in order to perfect the song. Although some guitarists, especially beginners, do not relish the idea of rehashing each song in their repertoire repeatedly several times each week, it is the best way to get each song right. It is also an ideal way of sharpening your skills so that learning additional songs is not quite as difficult for you.

You may want to develop a practice schedule and write it down or add it to your digital calendar because you are more likely to practice than if you do not schedule your practice sessions on a regular basis.

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