Marshall Class 5 Review

“Music is more than just a hobby for many people. For some it’s a job, and for many more it’s a passion”.
If a guitarist wants to create the best possible sound he or she can, for instance, then they’ll have to both practice and use perfectly tuned equipment that can turn their playing into a pitch perfect song. And for that reason, if not for any other, so many guitarists are getting their hands on the Marshall Class 5 guitar amplifier.

Marshall Class 5

What Will It Do For Me?

Marshall is one of the best known and most popular brands among musicians, and specifically guitarists, because of the company’s high standards of quality and long lasting products. The Marshall Class 5 is a worthy descendant, and it brings all of the power and simplicity that musicians have come to expect from the Marshall brand over the many decades that it’s been producing stellar sounds.

Easy to use and easy to move, the Class 5 doesn’t mess around with gimmicky features or unnecessary knobs. With an easy adjustment of Bass Middle and Treble, any player is ready to go in mere minutes.

A straightforward piece of equipment with signature sound and the ability to belt out a tune at high volume without losing clarity, the Class 5 delivers in a lot of ways that many more expensive amps simply can’t touch. That is, in a nut shell, what it can and does do for guitarists that choose to use it for their performances.


The Marshall Class 5 comes with a long list of benefits for those guitarists who won’t accept anything less than a real, high quality amplifier for their performances. Whether it’s the clear, rinding sound with the rich purr that you can only get from a vacuum tube machine, the easy to adjust settings or just the hefty weight that ensures this amp will stay right where you put it down until the end of your set, there are all kinds of different reasons to invest in the Class 5.

Marshall Class 5

And for some musicians, brand loyalty is just as important as all of the other features that the Class 5 offers musicians. However, for those that may not be fascinated by the company, the Class 5 ponies up benefits like this.

Marshall Class 5 Benefits

  • Simple controls for the easiest possible adjustments. With Treble, Bass, Middle and Volume, the controls for the Marshall Class 5 are absurdly easy. Say goodbye to the days of taking half an hour to adjust for an upcoming set.
  • 10 inch Celestion speaker. This speaker was specifically designed for this Marshall amplifier, and it’s a G10F-15 speaker as well. Quality sound and more than enough volume to reach everyone in the venue you happen to be playing, whether it’s a local coffee house, club or something just a little bit bigger.
  • 5w output. While it might not sound like a lot when compared to some of the heavy hitting cabinets out there, 5 watts is plenty of power for the average set that a guitarist needs an amplifier for. Whether it’s practice in the garage, or laying down tracks in a recording studio, that’s more than enough.
  • Double triode valves. When a guitarist needs that real, vacuum tube purr to bring the proper voice to rock, blues, country or any other style, the Marshall Class 5 is there to deliver exactly what they need. That reason alone is enough to persuade many players.

Marshall Class 5

These are just the highlights of using the Marshall Class 5 to make sure that a guitarist has the best possible amp on hand for a performance. In addition to the Marshall name on the amp, it’s also a solid, durable machine that can take a tumble or a beating and keep on belting out the tunes.

So in addition to being a machine that will allow guitarists to get the best possible sound with the least amount of adjustment and dial turning, the Class 5 is also an investment in playing both today and tomorrow.

So What Should I Do Now?

If you’re still not sure whether or not you need to purchase a Marshall Class 5 amplifier to go with your guitar, all you have to do is take a quick look at the options it offers. The Class 5 offers a rich sound and real triodes, a 10 inch high speaker from Celestion, it’s easy to adjust and doesn’t mess around with unnecessary knobs and features that a guitarist probably won’t use much anyway.

And it does all of that with a solid reputation and a big name stenciled right across the front of the machine, which is saying something in its own right.

Now, if a guitarist already has an amplifier that offers all of these features, then there’s no reason for him or her to invest in a Marshall Class 5 amp as well. After all, if you already have a solid workhorse there’s no reason to buy a second one just to set in the gear trailer.

And when someone already has a comparable piece of equipment, there’s no reason to spend more hard earned cash on something that the musician, essentially, already has.

On the other hand, if a guitarist doesn’t have a reliable amplifier, and he or she doesn’t have access to the kind of output that the Class 5 offers, then it’s a particularly solid investment for that musician.

Additionally, because the tools that a guitarist has to work with determine so much of his or her sound, why work with sub par equipment any longer than is strictly necessary? Instead, why not get a solid piece of equipment from a dependable name in the industry? That said, every guitarist worth his or her picks should try the Marshall Class 5 to see what everyone’s talking about.

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