LOXJIE P20 Tube Amplifier Review

Finding balanced tubes for an affordable price can be a little tricky. If you need good-quality tubes that don’t cost an arm and leg, then you should read our LOXJIE P20 Tube Amplifier review. 

First impressions about this amp show that it’s compact and well-made. But there’s a lot under the hood that we’ll reveal to help you make the right decision. Despite its rather affordable price, this amp features high-quality components that allow you to create mind-blowing tunes. We’ll list the features, pros, and cons of the LOXJIE P20 Tube Amplifier, so you can have all the needed data before making a purchase.

LOXJIE P20 Tube Amplifier: The Art of Fine Workmanship

This is Loxjie’s first full-balance tube headphone power amplifier and combines several good components in a compact package. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the lowest-priced fully balanced headphone amplifiers. Nevertheless, the sound quality is nowhere near ordinary. For an affordable price, this amp will deliver amazing tunes that can make the day of any audiophile better.

A pair of high-quality 6N3 tubes are mounted on a high-performance circuit, eliminating noise and improving the sound quality in any setting. The balanced inputs and outputs minimize distortion, so you can make the best of your headphones. 

Military-Grade 6N3 Electronic Tubes

These tubes are designed to deliver smooth yet warm tunes with a powerful dynamic that appeals to any audiophile. The balanced configuration preserves the needed clarity. 

The platinum grade tubes represent an upgrade to the P20. They glow a little with some internal LED, so you’ll definitely love the way they look. They don’t get warm and won’t disappoint you when it comes to the desired audio output. 

Easy Navigation

Thanks to the optimized design of the potentiometer, you can access the menu for various options without risking any noise or distortion. The components of this amplifier are integrated into a sturdy black aluminum housing, which can withstand hardcore use. The amp is available in 2 colors; red and black. 

Hi-End Volume Control

This amp has JRC 1195 electronic control that you’ll absolutely love for lots of reasons. First, this controller provides excellent channel balance with 60 steps. It will take you three full turns to move from the lowest to the highest setting. All these steps give you the chance to adjust the volume into detailed increments for maximum convenience. 

This feature allows you to enjoy the exact precise volume even at highly efficient IEMs. It also remembers your favorite volume setting from the last session. The integrated JRC NJW1195 volume control chip guarantees minimum noise and distortion, so you can enjoy your music till the very last detail. 

Balanced Circuit

Despite its affordable price tag, this amp features balanced inputs and outputs with a high-power circuit. It’s designed to drive up to 600mW at 64Ω. This is pretty impressive for a compact amp like this one, as it can run high impedance headphones with no issues. 

This low-power amplifier is an excellent addition to your music as it allows you to adjust your tunes in a straightforward and effortless way. Even when placed close to a power supply, you’re unlikely to experience any buzzing sensation that might ruin your experience. 

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  • Power Consumption: 10W
  • Standby Power: 0.5W
  • SNR: 97dB with unbalanced headphones and 102dB with balanced headphones.
  • Dimensions: 148x70x128mm
  • Weight: 600g.
  • THD+N: 0.02% with unbalanced headphones and 0.006% with balanced headphones. 
  • Output Power with Balanced Headphones 32Ω: 425mW, 150Ω: 565mW, and 600Ω: 175mW.
  • Output Power with Unbalanced Headphones 32Ω: 385mW, 150Ω: 105mW, and 600Ω: 29mW.


The Loxjie P20 tube amplifier is a must-have for any audiophile who is looking for a durable yet affordable amp. 

  • This is one of the best amps that you can get for less than $100, providing an impressive audio output that you’re likely to get from other expensive models.  Like the Nobsound NS-08, this unit is great for use with turntables.
  • It comes in a compact and portable case that you can take anywhere you like. It’s an excellent amp to use at home, your music studio, or office because it’s not bulky or heavy. The aluminum case is designed to withstand some abuse.
  • Intuitive volume controls allow you to adjust the audio outputs in tiny increments for maximum convenience. 
  • Navigating the options is easy and straightforward, even for a beginner.
  • The balance between the inputs and outputs will minimize distortion to guarantee the best audio experience.


Despite all the amazing features of this amplifier, it comes with a few limitations that you need to take into consideration.

  • The single-ended inputs and outputs don’t have enough power to run extremely high impedance headphones, as the sound produced will sound disappointing.
  • The tubes need a break-in period before they show their true potential.
  • The customer support service is average.

What Customer Reviews Say

The LOXJIE P20 tube amplifier currently has 208 reviews on Amazon. 73% of customers gave it 5 stars while only 8% gave it 1 star, which is a decent ratio.

Most reviews state that this amp is a fantastic choice for any audiophile on a tight budget because it combines impressive features without breaking the bank. It’s a compact yet impressive balanced amp that won’t disappoint you as you can pump it up with no issues. Moreover, the tubes and high-power circuit will eliminate distortion and noise.

One of the most amazing features of this amp is the volume control. Since you can adjust it into detailed increments, this amp will give you total control over the audio output. 


If you’re looking for high-quality audio for an affordable price, then you should consider the LOXJIE P20 tube amplifier. This compact yet impressive amp is designed to offer high highs and clean bass thanks to the balanced tubes that work with the enhanced power circuit to minimize distortion. 

The amp comes with a few limitations because it doesn’t provide enough power to pump higher impedance headphones. Nevertheless, it’s excellent value for money if you want to enjoy your tunes.

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