Little Dot I+ 6JI X2 Tube Hybrid Headphone Tube Amplifier: Reviewed!

When you’re listening to music on your headphones, no matter how good it sounds, have you ever considered you could probably get it to sound better. Headphones are nice but they are still limited by the signal that they get from your audio device. This is what gets translated into sound when it reaches your headphones.

The main limitation that they have is their signal. Sometimes, when music is transmitted electronically, the quality degrades. There is nothing compared to listening to music live after all. For audiophiles, this is why they seek a lot of equipment to get high-fidelity sound. One of the best pieces of equipment to do this with is tube amplifiers.

Amplifiers enhance the signal that audio systems send to speakers and headphones. The result is a that more of the weaker sounds can be heard. This may not matter much to ordinary people, but audiophiles want to hear each and every detail in their music.

Usually tube amps are big affairs that are for room sound systems. However, if you want a tiny footprint and are happy with your headphones, then something like the Little Dot I+ 6JI X2 Hybrid Tube Amplifier will do.