Line 6 Spider IV Review

The Line 6 Spider IV 15 Watt Guitar Amp is a brilliant amplifier that packs quality sound and easy use in a small and compact package. The Spider IV 15 is small enough that you can bring it to wherever you need, and fit it anywhere, so you’ll have no trouble packing it up for a road trip or placing it in your apartment.

Since it’s so easy to maneuver and carry, you’ll have more time to play. You can start playing while others are still be struggling to bring their amp inside.

Line 6 Spider IV

The Spider IV 15 is the number one selling Amp in the U.S.A. so you know that you’re getting the very best for your hard earned money. When you buy, you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving a quality Amp that dominates the competition. After all, you deserve the best, so you should be buying the absolute best. The Line 6 Spider IV is that best.

What It’ll Do For You

The Line 6 Spider IV packs so much into a beautiful and sizable package. With 15 Watts, you’ll be getting a good volume of music with a crisp and brilliant tone.

Quality isn’t a problem because of the volume, and while the Line 6 Spider IV carries enough volume to satisfy your inner rock star, it’s low enough so that you can play anywhere without fear. You’ll be able to jam at any time, early morning, afternoon, or late night, all without worrying your neighbors (or that family in 2B).

Offering four channels that allow you to play across multiple genres of brilliant music, the Line 6 Spider IV gives you every type of music you could ask for. From smooth, cool jazz to heavy, bone crushing metal, you’ll be able to woo any fan of any genre. You’ll be able to play just like your favorite band, and match that brilliant music that you love.

Line 6 Spider IV

Even better, the amp is easy to use. With such simple controls, you’ll spend less time worrying over numerous controls and more with your guitar. The Line 6 Spider IV offers fewer headaches when you worry over the controls and more relaxation when you jam.

So when you need to stop in the middle of playing to alter something, you won’t have to spend an hour dealing with half a hundred knobs and a dozen switches, you can instead just lean towards the amp, alter a single knob, and get back to playing.

Already the bestselling amp, The Line 6 Spider IV will grant you the perfect quality of music in a portable amp. With an easy to use interface, you’ll have fewer migraines and more skill with the guitar. With four channels, you’ll be able to play your favorite types of music, from jazz to heavy metal. There’s no better buy for a compact and amazing 15 watt amp.


  • Compact Size-Easy to move, and takes up very little space in your home, the Line Six Spider IV is a perfect addition to any room you want to jam in.
  • Four amp models-Four different channels allow you to play any type of music.
  • A 15 Watt Amp-Play loud enough to hear great music and get that perfect quality, but without driving your neighbors crazy.
  • Built in Tuner-Don’t waste any time dealing with an external tuner, the amp’s tuner is built into the front panel for easy reach, and you can activate it at the push of a button.
  • Make Your Own Presets-Finally achieve that perfect sound but you’re afraid of losing it? Don’t worry, the Line 6 Spider IV offers four presets so once you find that sound you’ve been searching for, you won’t have to fiddle with any controls to get it again. You’ll be able to plug in, choose the preset, and get back to your session.

Line 6 Spider IV

Line 6 Spider IV Features

  • Customization-For such a small amp, the Line 6 Spider IV is perfect for customization. With your channels and presets, you’ll be able to go from deep blues to insane metal in moments. After all, it’s YOUR amp, you should be able to play it how YOU want to.
  • Lessons-All Spider amps give you passage to the massive library on the Line Six website. With a few clicks of a mouse, you’ll be given access to tons of lessons and high quality tabs. It’s like getting a load of tutorials, but absolutely free
  • Tones-A library of lessons isn’t the only thing that is available to you, you’ll also be able to download over a hundred tones. These tones are based off of classic songs and will serve to inspire you and get you back into the groove. Learn to play along with your favorite songs and the music of classic guitarists. It’s amazing practice for you, and you’ll never suffer from having nothing to play.
  • Jam Tracks-Along with lessons and tones, the Line Six website also offers you numerous jam tracks. Hundreds of different types of jam tracks are available. No download is required, all you need to do is choose the right one, play it in your web browser, turn on (or off) the instruments you wish, and start playing along. It will be like having a whole band along with you, without the infighting.

Here’s What I Want You to Do Next

You’ll never gain experience without playing your guitar, but to get that perfect sound you’ll need the appropriate amp. When size and mobility are factors, you simply cannot go wrong with choosing the Line Six Spider IV 15.

Compact, portable, and beautiful, there is simply no other competition. Easy to move, use, and groove, the Spider IV is the dream amp. All you need to do is plug it in, decide on what music you want, and start playing.

Every second you spend without the amp though, is a second that you could have spent playing and hearing your music broadcast in amazing quality. Why wait and let your skills suffer for it? Get a Line Six Spider IV 15 today, plug it in, and start jamming away. Your guitar will absolutely love you for it.

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