Line 6 M13 Review

The Line 6 M13 stomp box modeler pedal equipped with hundreds of effect combinations and incredible customizing options, virtually making it its own boutique pedal board. The Line 6 M13 revolutionizes sound with its instant access to history’s arsenal of the most well-loved stomp box sounds. The system offers 19 analog/digital delays, 18 popular distortions, 12 reverb effects, and much more. It allows users to simultaneously engage in as many as four models in any combination – a giant pedal board in one small system.

Line 6 M13

Stomp Box Modeler Pedal Product Specifications

  • Over 100 distortions, reverbs, delays & more
  • 19 analog/digital delays
  • 18 popular distortions
  • 12 reverb effects
  • 26 vibration filters
  • 22 mods
  • 12 compressors & equalizers
  • A/C adapter included
  • 4 LCD display screens
  • Up to 48 distinctive pedal boards
  • MIDI input/output capabilities
  • Built-in chromatic tuner
  • 28-second looper
  • 12-foot power cable

Line 6 M13

Positive Attributes of the Line 6 M13

One of the great things about the Line 6 M13 is the number of achievable effects packed in for the price – every effect most users need all on the same system. Like any classic stomp box, the Line 6 M13 stompbox modeler is simple to use with dedicated knobs and no hassle. In addition to this, your settings will remain when the unit powered down. The system also offers users the ability to use its two separate expression pedal inputs to control the parameters oppositely, such as turning up the gain and turning down the bass simultaneously.

Line 6 M13 – The Down Sides

The Line 6 M13 does have some less-than-perfect aspects to it, according to both professional and amateur users. For example, some users have complained that its compressors are weak and need updating or supplementing with other products. Also, being limited to only using 4 different effects simultaneously could become a source of frustration to some users, though with practice they can be used strategically to keep this from being a problem. A lack of solid consistency has also been noted on the reverb and distortion effects.

What Guitarists are Saying

Both professional and amateur guitarists are using the Line stomp box modeler pedal to enrich their musical performance experience. The system is clearly designed for live performance, but it also has its place in the studio. Since it gives users the ability to save their exact “scenes” for later, recalling a certain mixture of effects to pick up a session is convenient. The echo and harmonizing effects can lack a bit of punch in the studio. But end up sounding nice in the overall mix.

Although the system has a ton of features and effects packed into it. The controls laid out simply and labeled clearly. Making it relatively simple to navigate. The Line 6 M13 stomp box modeler pedal is built to last, with metal housing and foot switches included in its workmanship. With a tough system that can withstand the rigors of use. Neither amateur nor professional guitarists worry about babying the console or letting their performances hindered by the fear of damage.

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