Kokko Acoustic Guitar Knob/ Effects Pedal

Do you enjoy your music? Are you on the hunt for a new overdrive pedal that’ll bring the best sound out of your acoustic guitar? Do you enjoy a warm overdrive sound and simple effects? Do you just want to add more color to your sound as you play? Well’s there’s great news for you.  

The Koko Guitar Knob may be the ideal piece of kit you need to revitalize your music and help you sound better than ever. At a very affordable price to boot. Without further ado, let’s dive in a look at some of this product’s super features in more detail.

Warm Overdrive and Simple Tone Controls

You can get warm, natural sounding tube overdrive that’s sure to give your sound the perfect amount of crunch or bite and add depth to your music. The simple tone controls are very easy to use, you can emphasize the amps to color the sound or crank up the overdrive to create a unique, great pedal sound.

True Bypass Hardware Switching

This great feature lets you make the most of interference and effects which are often caused by using other controls on your instrument. Switching isn’t electronic, of course, but you can still create varied, lively, magical music with this first-rate specification.    

Anti-Skid Rubber Pads to Increase Stability of the Design

The design of this acoustic guitar knob is simple, durable and stable. In fact, there are rubber pads on the backside which are anti-skid. This increases the product’s stability and minimizes the amount of friction created between the pedal and the floor. Moreover, this effects pedal includes an LED indicator that shows the status of the effects.  So, rock away as hard as you like without fear of wrecking your super new pedal.

If all that’s not enough for you, this product is also available in a great range of colors, so it’s sure to add colour to your music in more ways than one!

Still not sure? Let’s see what reviewers made of it.

What do People Think?

The Koko Acoustic Guitar Effects Pedal has gone down well with Amazon reviewers.  The boost has been particularly praised, with one 5-star reviewer saying it had the “best boost” available for the price. Another wrote that the pedal “sounds great” and is free from “background noise/hiss/hum.” Fabulous, right? In total there are 103 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5. Pretty good, yes?  

One person, who left a 3-star review, said that the “knobs feel cheap and plastic” but they do go onto say that they thought that overall it was “well worth the cost I paid,” so that can’t be bad, can it?

I would be 100% happy to recommend this product.


Today then, we’ve pointed out some of the fabulous features of this effects pedal, from the super overdrive and amp boost to the stellar true bypass hardware switching. We have also talked about the clever details of the design itself which make it even easier for you to enter your own musical heaven and play as a much as you like. So what are you waiting for? Buy now at Amazon.com to use this pedal to color your sound and breathe new life into your music.