Great Sound Quality for Home Entertainment: Kkika Tube Amplifier Reviewed!

When people think of tube amps, they mainly think about amps for guitar players. Admittedly, this is their most visible position. You will find it hard to find a guitar player who does not swear that a tube amp makes his guitar sound better in the long run.

However, tube amps make all sound better. This covers everything from your radio to your television. This is why a lot of audiophiles are going for tube amps nowadays. They provide a near-cinematic audio experience when you’re listening to music or watching a movie. The Kkika Tube Amplifier is a good example of an excellent tube amp that works well whether you just want to listen or want to make music with it.


One of the interesting features of this particular amplifier is that it is a hybrid one. Hybrid tube amps are an interesting breed. They feature vacuum tube, yes, but part of them also uses solid states transistors.

The aim behind these amps is to provide you with the great sound that tube amps are known for, while also providing better reliability and processing via the transistor side of the equation. This usually has the tube in the preamp part of the equation, with the transistor putting in its effort after the signal is boosted by the tube.

The result is a bit strange. You can hear the hint of the tube amp’s brighter and warmer sound, while the solid-state amp does its best to refine it. It can be frustrating if you want the full tube amp experience. However, it is there and there is no doubt that the transistor is cleaning up the sound.

For uneducated ears, though, the difference can be hard to find. This is why this product is so good. It manages to deliver great sounds with a minimum of fuss.

Another great thing about this amp is the integration of modern technology. You will find that if you’ve got an MP3 collection, you can hook it up to this amp via Bluetooth or USB. After that, fire this baby up and listen to the sounds that you wish to hear. This is a lot better than your ordinary speaker.

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Buying this amp has several things going for it.

  • Good Sound. This is where it all comes down to. You’ll want this amp for the sound it produces. Hook it up to your computer or your home entertainment system and have a great time listening to your music collection.
  • Durable. Though this tube amp features four vacuum tubes, they were selected for their toughness. You usually have to change the tubes on your amp quickly since they burn out if you use it too much. However, with quite a bit of current passing through solid-state transistors, the wear-and-tear is not that bad. You will be able to use this amp for a long time because of this.
  • Modern Adaptation. A lot of tube amps have not managed to catch up with the latest in technology. This particular model is different since it manages to give you access to it via Bluetooth and USB. This a great thing since this means it will work well with modern entertainment systems. If you want a tube amp that integrates well with your current set-up, this should be it.
  • Great for Small Spaces. If you want to fill up a small room with sound, this amp is it. A home theater will love this as an addition. This is thanks to the low wattage of the output. High wattage amps are for bigger spaces, but this amp is just right for projecting the sound into a small room.


There are several reasons why you shouldn’t buy this tube amp also.

  • For Home Use. Unlike other tube amps, this is not a portable device. The entire thing is large and takes up a lot of space. You won’t be able to easily carry it anywhere.
  • Not for Musicians. There’s a good reason why it’s so large: it’s not exactly for guitars. If you’re hoping to find a tube amp for your guitar playing, then this device is not it. This is expressly for audiophiles who want their music to really express all the nuances it has. It is also great for movie fans who want a cinematic experience. Guitar players will not like the lack of distortion though and the refinement by the solid-state part of the product.
  • Installation Problems. You may have a bit of difficulty in putting it together though.  If you put in the volume knob too tight, it may grind a bit every time you turn it. This can cause the amp to have problems. You may also want to break it in a little. Like a normal tube amp, the sound is not as good with fresh tubes. You’ll need to burn them in a little for a few hours before you really get the good sound that you are looking for.
  • Channel Options. Though it is not a big thing, note that you do not have an L/R knob for this amp. This means that your sound system will always be on stereo. This may be a problem for some people.


This tube amp is definitely not for those who like playing guitar. However, this is a great amp for those audiophiles who want to start into using tube amps. They’ve become really popular in recent years and this provides a perfect entry point for many people thanks to its hybrid design and its relative availability.


Overall, the Kkika Tube Amplifier is a great product. It may not be a pure tube amp, but it still manages to deliver what people want in most of their tube amps: better sound that they would normally get. If you don’t have a big budget and are just dipping your toes into the world of audiophile tube amps, this is the product for you.

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  1. Hello I am having a very difficult time trying to buy replacement tubes for my Kkika amp ( 15X15 watts). It takes a 6P15 power tube. Tjhe pre-amp tubes are available. Is there a direct replacement for the 6P15’s? Thanks for your help. Eric

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