Is Vinyl Records Becoming Popular Again?

Turntables are becoming popular again. This has caused a resurgence of vinyl records and turntable sales. Vinyls provide a different experience than listening to Spotify, Pandora or any other digital service. They offer the quality sound that many people crave in their music consumption. The question is: are turntables becoming popular again?

Benefits of listening to Vinyl

You might be wondering what are the benefits of listening to vinyl records. Well, there are many benefits that come from the sound quality of vinyl and being able to physically see what is happening on a record player.

-The sound quality is better than FM radio and CDs because they’re more analog in nature, not digital like MP players

-Sweet sound of vinyls is very appealing to many people

-You get to see what’s happening with the vinyl record and turntable

-Vinyls are able to express more powerful sounds than other music formats.

Listening to a vinyl is different in quality from listening on Spotify or Pandora, it feels like you’re experiencing something new every time unlike when using other music player.

Vinyl collection

Collecting vinyls might be your next hobby. Having a big collection of vinyls to listen to is a great way of spending your free time. You can also have other people over and play games with them while you all enjoy the beautiful sounds coming out of the turntables.

Nowadays, even modern artists are releasing some of their music on vinyl like Taylor Swift and Arcade Fire. So if you don’t like the old-school artists and their releases, you can collect vinyls of modern artists too.

A big vinyl collection will not only make your house look more stylish and vintage, it can also give you a sense of accomplishment. It’s like reading books on your shelves for the first time or going through an art gallery. When looking at everything in its place, with all their colors and shapes contrasting against each other to form beautiful patterns.

It’s not for everyone

Listening to vinyl records is not for everyone. Vinyls are a hit and miss. There might be times where you don’t like the sound of it because some people find it too scratchy or bumpy.

If being able to hear all these little details in your music is not important to you, then vinyl records may not be for you. But if they are something that interests in the quality of sound, then this is the perfect entertainment for you.

Also, turntables and record players are not for you if you just want to listen music and don’t want to be involved in changing records.

Vinyls do not last too long. They break easily and you have to replace them often, which can get expensive. This may be a downfall for some people who are interested in turntables because the sound quality is better than listening on Spotify but if it’s just about having fun with the music, vinyl records might not be for you.

How much vinyl records cost?

Vinyls are not expensive for the most part. You can find them at your local used store for as little as $0.50 per record or you could purchase them brand new from Amazon.

Some of the more popular records, especially among audiophiles and music lovers, are going to be a lot more expensive than just about anything else on vinyls but that is a rare case. Of course, the limited release records are much more expensive. Especially the ones that are very old and rare.

Becoming popular again

More and more people are starting to enjoy the sound of vinyl records. It is not just for audiophiles and music lovers, it has become popular again with a lot of different people as they are hearing about how great the quality is.

Turntables have also been making a comeback in popularity because then you can actually listen to your favourite albums on something other than smart phone or standard music player.

Study shows, that sales of vinyls and record players are steadily growing every year.

Of course, it won’t become the most popular thing to listen your favourite music, but we can predict that popularity will keep growing.


It’s been a long time since the days of vinyl records. If you grew up in that era, it might surprise you to know that they are making a comeback! While CDs and mp3s have taken over as the most popular format for listening to music, many people still prefer vinyl records because of their high quality sound (and some audiophiles even say they can hear things on them that cannot be heard on other formats). In addition to sales growth in turntables thanks to this revival trend, we’re also seeing increased interest in new releases from artists who only release albums on vinyl.

It today’s fast moving world, people should slow down and start listening to vinyl records.

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