3 Top Guitar Amp Kits 1

Looking to get all your gear at once? You’re not alone. There is any number of musicians and even the musically inclined hobbyists who prefer to get all their accessories in one swoop. From the tone to the sonic quality, from the distortion levels to the overload factor, these people understand virtually every nuance of a guitar, and hence are completely in tune with the way an amp does or should function. From the cathode and anode arrangement to the completion of the circuit, they are familiar with the working of the various components that go into the making of these amps.

The question that, however, arises is – is this knowledge sufficient for them to create their own amps? Well, not necessarily, since this is a task that requires some amount of technical expertise and an even greater amount of effort and time, which you may not be able to afford. The solution lies in purchasing a guitar amplifier kit, which leaves you with just the assembling of the various components and connecting them across the circuit with the help of the step-by-step instructions that are provided.

Marshall DSL15C-KIT-1 1×12 Guitar Amp Combo Kit

This guitar amp from Marshall Amps, who specialize in this product, has multiple tubes to provide a high level of sound quality, backed by digital reverberations to deliver the complete range of sounds expected of a good guitar. A resonant bass feature makes the sonic quality of the Marshall DSL15C-KIT-1 1×12 Guitar Amp Combo Kit, which makes the task of building a guitar amp an absolute breeze.


The Marshall DSL15C-KIT-1 1×12 Guitar Amp Combo Kit has an attractive range of features at an attractive price, which you’re simply going to find unable to resist.

• Excellent sound quality

The sound quality of the guitar amp you build with this kit is one thing you’re unlikely to complain about. It has 4-12AX7 and 2-6V6 tubes and two footswitchable channels – Classic Gain and Ultra Gain. This combination is enough to provide some of the most melodious tones, further enhanced by the digital reverb and shared 4-way EQ – treble, middle, bass as well as presence – to give you just what your need. The ultimate is the Celestion 12” speaker, which allows for excellent output of the signal.

• Tonal flexibility

The flexibility of the tone enabled by a guitar amp made from this kit comes from its mid-shift button, which helps reconfigure the mids. There’s also a deep button that augments the resonant bass boost by adding to the low end girth when needed.

• Drop down power system

This is a special feature that allows a reduction in power to 7.5 W with the help of a pentode/triode switch that’s fitted on to the rear panel.

Things to look out for

It’s actually not the thing a professional guitarist would want to go for. More the kind for an amateur to practice on!


The Marshall DSL15C-KIT-1 1×12 Guitar Amp Combo Kit is much more than a kit to help you build your own guitar amp if you’re an amateur.

MOD 101 DIY Guitar Amplifier Kit

The MOD 101 DIY Guitar Amplifier Kit comes with the stamp of Mod Kits excellence. Though slightly higher priced than the Marshall kit, it does offer some premium features that make it worth the cost.


This build your own guitar amp head is crafted on a unique design that helps customize power output with its range of components specially designed to deliver high-powered quality.

• Wide range of variations

With this kit, you can make a guitar amp with as many as 32 variations at 60 Watts. Its all-tube design enables the flow of 60W power into 4,8,16 and 20 1 channel. And you can do it with hardly any effort or hassle.

• Customizable components

The components contained in this kit are totally customizable, right from the tone stack to the power tubes, input miller capacitance volt divider/LP filter, negative feedback, as well as a cathode bypass cap.

• Excellent channel controls

The channel controls in this kit are of vintage excellence to give you perfect bass, treble and volume control. You even get a vintage jewel cover for power-on indication that you can simply screw on, along with a vintage pilot lamp.

Things to look out for

You may not like the pots, which can be quite noisy even after a good clean-up. The holes can create problems and are not easily filed. Even the power supply seems to be a matter of some concern. And since it’s one of those guitar amplifier kits that come without a schematic diagram, you may face some difficulties on that count.


As long as you feel confident about resolving these minor issues that customers have complained about, you can rest assured that this guitar amplifier kit is a great way of starting to build your own guitar amps.

Sawtooth ST-AMP-10-KIT-1ST-AMP-10-KIT-1 10-Watt Electric Guitar Amp with Pro Series Cable and Pick Sampler

The Sawtooth offers an excellent option mainly on account of the price. It may not be the most high-end kit, but given the price you won’t find much to complain.

• Features

When it comes to the features, the Sawtooth is quite the complete kit, with all the basic components needed to design a decent guitar amp.

• Compact size

With its compact size, the guitar amp you get from this will be easy to install in your instrument. There’s really nothing complex about this kit.

• Efficient controls

From volume to drive to gain and from treble to middle to bass, you get efficient controls and drive with this kit.

• Tone variety

The tonal variety it gives is quite amazing considering the size. This feature really makes it perfect for practicing on scales and chords etc.

Things to look out for

Of course, you shouldn’t really expect this kit to give you an amp fit for a professional guitarist.


Its small size and price notwithstanding, you’ll not likely find much to complain about in this kit, which also has a 6.5” speaker, jacks for input and headphones.