Go Turbo: The Behringer Vintage Tube Monster Vt999 Reviewed!

Okay, one of the big reasons why you want an amp for your guitar is the possibility of big sounds. I mean really big sounds. If you’ve listened to music in the past 50 years, volume is one of the big factors and most it was supplied by amplifiers.

So, the big question is why tube amps instead of the newer solid-state amps, which can boost sounds even higher. It is the quality of the sound that you’re looking for. Modern amps may be loud, but they aren’t as warm as live as tube amp sounds.

This is the reasons why people buy the Behringer Vintage Tube Monster Vt999. As the name says, this is a monster of an amp. Let’s take a look at it and see what can it really deliver.


This Vt999 is technically as much as a pedal as an amp. Though it basically boosts the sound of your instrument, it also happens to give you more effects on your sound. This product is primarily an overdrive so it will raise a sound that passes through it until it distorts.

The main results of that distortion depend mainly on the settings that you place on it. The amp has five settings: gain, volume, treble, bass, and mid. Fiddling with these settings will affect the sound produced. If you’ve ever used an amp in the past 50 years, this product gives your basic options that you are familiar with.

Another feature that you should know is the tube. This product goes the traditional way in its tube amp storage and has it inside the casing. This is only a single tube but it still manages to do the job.

Besides this basic feature, there’s an interesting one that should get people’s attention: the noise gate. This stops signals below a certain level to pass through. This may seem bad, but remember this product is for enhancing loud sounds and distorting them. Lower level sounds will only mess with that purpose. This noise gate is adjustable so you can have a threshold of sound that you can screen out.


Anyway, if you’re on the fence about this product, here are some reasons why you should purchase it.

  • The Sound. You want great effects with each note you play? This product delivers on that promise. The sound produced when you play at mid to high volumes is just incredibly full and warm in tone. The single tube does its job well enough so that it changes your entire performance.
  • Durability. Most modern amp cases are all plastic. This baby is the exception. The amp is solid steel and the components are as hardy as ever. You will be lugging this particular product along for a long time.
  • Responsiveness. Surprisingly enough, this particular amp is very responsive. Every change in signal is faithfully translated by the amp – you’ll literally hear the changes in the sound as you shift from note to note.
  • Versatile. One of the problems of many amps is the fact that they tend to be limited to some musical styles. This is a problem that you will not encounter with this product. It can play everything from jazz to heavy metal. All you need is to properly tweak it and you should be ready to go.
  • Hardwire Bypass. One of the key functions of amps is to amplify signals. The problem is that some signals don’t reach the amp tube because they pass through too much circuitry or resistance from the wiring. This is where the hardwire bypass comes in. To get the best signal possible, the product delivers the signal directly to the output. The result is no loss to your signal.


This product has its share of problems though.

  • The Tube. Let’s be honest here – the stock tube that this amp comes with is pretty bad. It’s not that bad that it ruins your performance, but you can definitely do better. If I were you I would tube roll this amp as quickly as possible so that you can get the best performance out of it.
  • Big. Okay, this amp is great for performances. The problem is that the amp is a total monster to carry around. This amp is large and will take two hands to carry properly. Additionally, since you do not see the tube, you will need to be careful when laying it down so that you do not accidentally break it.
  • Lots of Controls. This is definitely not something that you should give a beginner. There are five knobs for you to mess around with. Depending on the songs that you perform, you may want to adjust these settings so that you can get the best performance possible. You’ll need to learn how to do it properly and quickly so that you can shift from song-to-song in your set.
  • Overdrive Only. One of the problems with this amp is that it can only do overdrive effects. Overdrive pedals only do two things: boost an amp so the sound distorts or duplicate the sound of distortion. This are pretty good effects, but you can do even more with a good amp.
  • Proper Use. Tube amps can be fragile about their use. You’ll need to properly turn it on and off so as not to risk any burn out. You’ll also want a pre-heat period before every use so that you get the best effects possible.


This is a great guitar amp that will boost your performance greatly. For bands who love loud sound and distortions, this tube amp delivers all that you can need. This should be a must-buy for anyone who wants to start playing the guitar in public.


The Behringer Vintage Tube Monster Vt999 is the sort of product that harkens back to the 60s and the 70s when tube amps ruled. When you play using this amp, you can easily imagine being back in time as you hear the sounds it makes. Pick it up now to enhance your performance.

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