Gemtune MC-10T Hi-Fi Integrated Push-Pull Tube Amplifier Reviewed!

The Gemtune MC-10T is powered by four El-34B tubes that work great right out of the box. The SRPP preamp circuit produces a wider frequency response with less distortion than similar units, and this model adopts a ultralinear push-pull circuit that works to produce more power so you can push low frequencies. The output transformer is made in Japan to the highest standards using audio-specific silicon steel sheets (0.35mm thick).

This unit also features high-intensity enameled wire that works to ensure a bright treble, deep bass, and wider frequency response. Plus, this model adopts audio-grade Electrolysis and Philips MKP AC capacitor to make for a low-noise, quiet background for all of your tracks. And, did I mention this unit is durable?

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  1. I read some reviews on the GemTune and it is kind of the reason I clicked on this to see what you thought on this blog. Actually, I have a question about this specifically. What speakers would you say pair up really well with the GemTune in regards to getting clean and crisp audio?

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