Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal


Have you got a good overdrive pedal on your board, but sometimes wish you could do more with it? Do you wish you could use a delay effect to alter the rhythm, color or texture of your music? Do you want a pedal with a top-class chorus effect to add multiple layers to your sound and add wonderful complexity to your tone? Have you never found an Effect Pedal that offers all three?

Well, guess what? The Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal is here. Without further ado, let’s find out more about this products fantastic features.

Cool Distortion, Chorus and Delay Effects

Get great distortion effects and crunchy overdrive. You can sound like you’re strumming away on a twelve string guitar with the beautiful chorus effect to add color, texture and depth to your sound. Fatten up your bass and chime away with this glorious feature. If that’s not enough for you, you can also change up your rhythm by adding echoes with the great delay effect. Awesome, right? The chorus module also adds a warm, natural sense of space. Use this pedal to enrich your music today.

Classic British High Gain Sound  

Rock out heavy, thick high gain sounds. High gain allows you to create a great variety of tones, you could sound just like British classic, Black Sabbath, or ring out some great modern metal tones with this fabulous sound. Enjoy the wide spectrum of these killer sounds as you play.

Good-looking Durable Design and Super Analog-voiced Delay Module

The Donna Multi Guitar Effects Pedal has a strong design, with an LED light to show it’s in perfect working order. Moreover, the analog-voiced delay module lets you add extra authenticity to your music, create some great harmonics and thrilling echoes which are sure to infuse your sounds with energy and revitalize your music. Create some fantastic echoes and really make your heart pound.  

Still not convinced? Let’s see what reviewers made of this product.

What do People Think?  

The Donner Multi-Effects Pedal has impressed Amazon reviewers, with the spectacular variety of tone and the product’s great versatility going down a storm. One 5-star reviewer wrote that “each effect sounds great” and that it was easy to use. Another said that the distortion and delay were “excellent.”

In total there are 82 customer reviews with and average rating of 4.5 stars out of five. Great, right?

One person, who left a 3-star rating, wrote that the drive and volume “override everything else in the signal chain”. Still, if you like to crank up the volume and drive to the max, you’re on to a winner for sure. You’ll really be free to rock and roll.  

I would 100% recommend this product.


Today then, we’ve talked about this products fabulous features. The great chorus, delay and overdrive effects give you a huge amount of freedom to play the kind of music you love. Use the high gain sound and analog delay module to make lively blues music, or modern metal with an authentic sound to it. So don’t wait! Buy now at to take the next steps on your journey to playing magical music only you can create.

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