Dilvpoetry TUBE-01 Preamp Reviewed!

Looking for a preamp with dreamy stock tubes and a build quality that rivals that of $100+ units? Dilvpoetry TUBE-01 Preamp is definitely one you should consider. Not only is it constructed to last, the sound quality will have you plugging it in time after time without any regrets.

Super Clean Analog

You’ll be amazed by this unit’s sound quality given it’s low price tag. It’s hard to believe just how clean the output is from this little preamp, even with the stock tubes installed. It’s best to run this thing with the stock tubes first and then, if you choose to do so, you can upgrade them at a later time.

If you really want to enjoy clean output, you can also tweak the setup by isolating the power supply from sources that may cause noise and being sure to set it up on a vibration free surface. If you follow those pointers, the excellent specs will allow for superb sound quality.

Looks Great, Sounds Even Better

Dilvpoetry has gone all-out with the design of this unit. If you want a preamp that can sit out on your rack or desk and actually add to the look and feel of your room, this one is for you. Moreover, if you want a “desk ornament” that’s actually going to be functional and something you want to use, this one is definitely for you!

This unit looks great and it sounds even better, just like the Monoprice tube amp. You will get your money’s worth out of it within a matter of days, but fear not: the high build quality means this unit is going to last you years, even with regular use.

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Features & Specifications

  • This unit is the perfect pre-amp to add to your setup.
  • The stock 6J1 tubes can be replaced with others to design a soft voice.
  • Patented power conversion module built right in.
  • Able to match a digital power amp or analog power amp with active speakers!
  • Unique high bass adjustment.
  • Aluminum alloy shell with heavy gold PCB and a gold-plated interface.
  • Designed for hifi enthusiasts with killer sound standard.


Customer Reviews & Scores

The number one thing reviewers like is how the stock tubes are truly ready to go. No upgrades needed here! Setup stock, this unit is capable of taking the “edginess” off CDs and your favorite MP3s, restoring their warmth and allowing you to enjoy them how the producer intended.

The biggest reason why it has gotten negative reviews is because some units simply ship defective. One reviewer described a dead channel, brown noise, and cellophane highs out of the box.

Fortunately, these defective units can easily be remedied by shooting Amazon or the seller a message. They will happily exchange your unit for one that works as intended.

I’m confident recommending the Dilvpoetry TUBE-01 Preamp to anyone looking for a great preamp that won’t break the bank. 

There isn’t much more you can ask for from this preamp.  The sound quality far exceeds anything you’d expect from this price range, and the stock tubes don’t even need to be upgraded for you to enjoy the unit at its fullest.

More than that, the build quality is also incredible. This isn’t a cheap preamp that will fall apart on you in a matter of weeks or months. You’ll get your money’s worth out of this one! You can probably expect it to last 10 years or more, and that’s a conservative estimate. If you’re on the fence, give it a try for yourself!

Check the Price Now at Amazon.com