DigiTech Whammy Review

The DigiTech Whammy Pedal Re-issue with MIDI control resurrected this classic guitar effects unit. An updated version of the original model introduced in the 1990s. The Whammy is known for its wide range of pitch bends, deep dive bombs, smooth harmony shifts, and detuning. Also this model combines a painstakingly preserved original sound effects panel with some critical feature updates. That make it easier to use and better equipped for certain gig environments.

DigiTech Whammy

Features Of The DigiTech Whammy

  • Original Whammy presets, along with a new dive bomb preset
  • 6 Whammy modes and 10 Harmony Bend modes
  • Rugged chassis design in Ferrari red with industrial quality construction
  • 16 LED indicators to show preset selection
  • MIDI remote control for easy controls
  • Pitch detection engine for accurate shifting
  • Expression pedal
  • Wet/Dry in and out

DigiTech Whammy

Pros and Cons

The Digitech Whammy offers the classic Whammy sounds, allowing experimental guitarists to recreate favorite songs while trying out new, original effects. Also specific features that are worth noting for the Digitech Whammy include a wide selection of effects such as bends, detuning, dive bombs, and harmony shifts. The MIDI control offers remote and flexible controls, while the LED screen allows for easy viewing of presets in dark gig settings. The expression pedal allows users a high degree of control in both eliciting sounds, as well as shifting between different effects. One potential con for the unit is that the sound panel the unit produces is very distinct, so this may not be the ideal unit when a guitarist is looking to produce more generic effects.

DigiTech Whammy

Thoughts from Owners: Why They Love It

Dedicated effects users are perpetual fans of the Digitech Whammy, and online reviews consistently rave about the quality, sound range. And high manufacturing quality. One owner went as far to say that the Whammy was as integral to his playing as his guitar. Among the features owners repeatedly mention that they love include the ease of use. However the Whammy’s distinctive design and coloring, the rugged construction enabling it to stand up to abuse on stage and during practice, and the endless possibilities for sound creation.

Thoughts from Owners: What They Would Change

FirstlyDespite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, owners have noted a few areas for improvement. The Digitech Whammy’s harmonies are fixed, which prevents users from doing true scale harmonies. Secondly, the pedal is often described as “tight”. Which requires users to have a light foot and a lot of speed control to call forth certain effects from the unit. The $200 pricetag is often cited as being high, for the capabilities of the unit. Although the Whammy is easy to use. If you’re unfamiliar with pedals it can require some experimentation before you can access the full range of sounds this unit can produce.

The Digitech Whammy has been used by guitarists of bands ranging from Pink Floyd, Rage Against The Machine, U2, Metallica, Aerosmith, and Radiohead. However the effects unit gets users a piece of music history. Alongside a high quality box, a diversity of sounds, and a distinctive design.

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