DigiTech RP1000 Review

Offering practically unlimited options for sound, the DigiTech RP1000 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal brings musicians the ultimate control over their sound. The many included features like parameter control and a USB recorder make this system’s functionality unparalleled. With presets that make it easy and efficient to achieve the sound you want both quickly and effortlessly, the DigiTech RP1000 is the perfect all-in-one processor for any guitarist.

DigiTech RP1000

A Brief Introduction

The DigiTech RP1000, which is great for both performing and recording, can be purchased new for close to $400. However the manufacturer claims it is “built like a tank,” and comes equipped with 14 heavy duty switches. Simplicity is key in this system, and it will work well with other gear. Features like the 20 second phrase looper make it especially useful in the recording process, and is a great high quality option for improving the sound of any guitar.

DigiTech RP1000 Features

  • Built in expression pedal included
  • Includes over 160 Amps, Cabinets, Stompboxes, and Effects
  • 100 different pedalboards for a variety of sounds
  • Amp/Cabinet bypass switch for ease of use
  • Large 10 character LED display for use during performances and recording

DigiTech RP1000

Pros and Cons

The DigiTech RP1000 comes with all the necessary cabling included in the box, so no additional purchases to hook up the system are required. There are many different options to choose from with this system, and all of the effects can be switched on and off individually, providing for flawless recording. However, some may find the large volume of features confusing. The harmonizer included is not always functional, there is no MIDI, and the effects order cannot be changed.

DigiTech RP1000

Thoughts from Owners

Owners of the DigiTech RP1000 like the sound produced during recording. And some have said this system makes them a better and more versatile player on stage, especially because it is so easy to see and use during performances. Some owners would prefer a more improved tuner to be included with this processor. And some also wish there was more customization possibilities within the amp channels.

Great Sound, Great Results

The DigiTech RP1000 comes equipped with a helpful user’s manual. Which, along with DigiTech’s excellent customer support both online and over the phone, can assist owners in learning the equipment in order to achieve the best results. This system is especially great for those who want to take it on the road as it is so durable. The RP1000 offers excellent tonal variation and includes simple to use expression linking.

With so many features included in just one system, the DigiTech RP1000 is a great way to reduce clutter on stage and is a great value for the price. Also the amp and stomp loops are just two of the features included that maximize sound quality. Reliable and well built, this system is an accessible. And all-in-one option for sound processing that will last any musician a long time whether it’s used for performing live or recording music in a studio or even at home.

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