DigiTech JamMan Review

DigiTech has truly come to combine and perfect some of its already great products with the DigiTech JamMan Delay Looper and Phase Sampler Pedal. Capable of both looping and delaying, this product is a favorite amongst beginning guitarists to experienced musicians. Provided below is a review of the DigiTech JamMan. From the best that it has to offer, to some of its not so perfect features.

DigiTech JamMan

DigiTech JamMan Specs

The DigiTech JamMan Delay Looper has 35 minutes of built-in memory. And offers users both stereo looping and a completely programmable stereo delay. Additionally, with 99 internal loop memories and the option of purchasing an SD card to insert into the expansion slot for an additional 99 internal loops. This product can hold up to a total of 198 loops and has over 15 hours of stereo loop storage. The DigiTech JamMan Delay Looper and Phase Sampler Pedal can hold delays for as long as 16 seconds and has 3 fully programmable reset memories. That owners can easily switch between by using foot-switches.

Pros and Cons

An obvious con of the DigiTech JamMan Delay Looper and Phase Sampler Pedal is its price. Coming in at around $350, it is certainly not the cheapest option on the market. However you do indeed get what you pay for. With an excellent layout of features and onboard knobs, learning to use this product is simple and intuitive. Additionally, the DigiTech JamMan Delay Looper and Phase Sampler Pedal comes with a steel case, making it durable and safe for musicians on the go. And finally, working as a masterful guitar pedal box. It offers both looping and delaying, keeping sound enthusiasts from having to purchase two separate products.

DigiTech JamMan

Customer Thoughts

All in all, there have been very few complaints when it comes to users of the DigiTech JamMan Delay Looper and Phase Sampler Pedal. One small complaintю Рowever, is the learning curve. When it comes to figuring out the timing when trying to record a loop. But when it comes to the DigitTech JamMan delay functions. Owners find them easy to use and sync with their loops while still managing to keep their music all at the same tempo.


While many guitar pedals on the market have similar options to the DigiTech JamMan Delay Looper and Phase Sampler Pedal. This product offers a new and innovative feature of using the JamManager to create custom loop lists for any musician’s gig. Additionally, DigiTech’s JamMan’s sound quality is unrivaled when it comes to audio products, making its high and heavy price-tag well worth the cost. While musicians may be able to get a guitar pedal for half the price of this product. The likelihood is that they will also be receiving only half of the options offered by it.

The DigiTech JamMan is a fantastic product and offers musicians lots of freedom and creative choices when it comes to making music. And with rockstars like David Gilmour of Pink Floyd and The Edge of U2 being fans of the brand. Many users are excited about using the the same equipment as these awesome musicians.


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