DarkVoice 336SE Headphone Tube Amplifier Review

With 6N8P and 6N5P tubes standard, the DarkVoice 336SE Headphone Amplifier is the way to go for anyone in search of high quality sound. This premium unit has just about everything you need to begin enjoying sweet highs and deep lows just the way the producer intended.

With a frequency rating of +/-1dB 10Hz~20kHz and a power handling capacity of up to 1 Watt, the Darkvoice 336SE can do everything you need and then some. It comes equipped with a standard 6.3mm stereo jack, and it can be set up in a snap.

Once you hear this thing play, you’re never going to want to listen to music any other way! The 336SE sounds absolutely superb with the stock tubes–no tube rolling or switching needed whatsoever. However, those who did upgrade to their favorite set were even more blown away by the output quality this little unit is able to deliver.

It has a way of bringing the upper mids forward while adding some color to the tone and really bringing any music you listen to back to life. All you need to do is plug it in and pair it with your favorite pair of headphones, and you’ll never second guess your purchase.

Dead Quiet When You Don’t Want To Hear It

“Dead quiet” isn’t typically a compliment for a headphone amiplifier, but in this context, it’s music to a listener’s ears. Unlike other headphone amplifiers that may rattle or buzz when you’re not playing anything, the Darkvoice 336SE is absolutely silent. That means, when music is playing, you can trust that there is zero background noise whatsoever. No interference to ruin sound quality and no annoying humming or buzzing to get on your nerves.

This unit overdelivers on build quality and sound output. Once you listen to it, you’ll understand where all the rave reviews are coming from, and you’ll probably even add your own to the mix. This unit is extremely powerful and built to last through years of enjoyment.

Features & Specifications

  • High-quality stock tubes that don’t need to be rolled, swapped, or fiddled with in any way to deliver excellent sound quality. That’s right: you’re listening to 6N8P and 6N5P tubes!
  • Excellent tonal qualities combine with a wide range to give you heavenly sound output no matter what kind of music you like listening to.
  • Extremely low distortion makes for crystal clear listening and, when you have your music paused, you’ll notice just how blissfully silent everything is.
  • Use it with your favorite pair of headphones that features a 6.3mm stereo jack.


Customer Reviews & Scores

People are absolutely blown away by the sound quality of this unit.  It’s an amplifier that offers immense value for the price tag.

The only negative in sight? A couple reviewers found that, as incredible as the unit was when they first plugged it in, it quickly stopped working. This has only happened to a handful of units and seems to be a rare defect. If it happens to you, a quick message to Amazon’s customer care team, or the seller directly, should get it sorted out for you.

With all that said, I am extremely confident recommending this product to anyone in need of a headphone amplifier. You will be blown away by the output of this little unit. You won’t regret a second of listening! See for yourself here: DarkVoice 336SE Headphone Tube Amplifier.

Plug it in and start enjoying improved sound quality for everything you listen to.

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