Ibanez Prestige Series RG3620Z electric guitar review

Ibanez Prestige Series RG3620Z

The Presitge Series RG3620Z by Ibanez Even if you’re only into vintage-style guitars, I’d defy anybody who truly loves the instrument to pick up one of these Ibanez Prestige Series RG3620Z without being impressed. It’s a great deal more sophisticated and accomplished than just a pointy metal machine – and it owes little or nothing … Read more

Fender 60’s Strat electric guitar review

Fender 60's Strat

Fender 60’s Strat review With an appearance that looks like the negative image of the ’50s Strat, this beauty Fender 60’s Strat features an olympic white finish paired with a rosewood fingerboard, which in this reviewer’s eyes is one of the sexiest combos on any guitar. It also sports probably the most realistic overall relicing … Read more

Fender 50’s Telecaster electric guitar review

Fender 50's Telecaster

Fender 50’s Telecaster review No doubt plenty of these will be sold on their looks alone, but a guitar is only as good as the sound it makes. So it will come as a relief to many prospective buyers that the Road Worn series are no furniture instruments – they’re players. Fender 50’s Telecaster has … Read more

Fenders Jim Adkins Telecaster electric guitar review

Fenders Jim Adkins

Review Now everybody knows that the rawest, rockingest six-string machines ever devised are the Fenders Jim Adkins and the Gibson Les Paul Junior. So the idea of a ‘combination’ model – a Tele with a set neck and a pair of P90s – is pretty appealing, and when you factor in a Thinline Tele-style semi-solid … Read more

Ritchie Blackmoore Fender Signature Stratocaster

Blackmoore Fender

Blackmoore Fender Want to get closer to rock god tone? With a custom pickup layout and, crucially, a scalloped fingerboard, this Blackmoore Fender model is like no other Stratocaster. From a distance, there’s not much to tell Blackmoore Fender Want to get closer to rock god tone? With a custom pickup layout and, crucially, a … Read more

Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008

Gibson Les Paul Standard

Review The Standard isn’t standard any more. It’s lighter, has an all-new neck shape, and subtle additions that make it world-tour practical right out of the box. Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008Odd, isn’t it, that the Standard – not the Custom, or Deluxe, or any of the other attractively-named variants – has become the holy … Read more

Lines Londoner

Lines Londoner

Lines Londoner Review D’Aquisto had the New Yorker, Guild had the Manhattan, and now British luthier Andrew Lines has the three-pickup Londoner archtop. Rick Batey decides it’s a capital idea. It’s a rare guitar maker who has not dreamed of specialising in archtops, the cream of the luthier’s art, and reaching the heady heights of … Read more

Larrivee RS-4

Larrivee RS-4

Larrivee RS-4 review Best know for its fine acoustics, Canadian maker Larrive has a history of dipping in an and out of the electric game. Marcus Leadley checks out the latest offering The Larrivee RS-4It’s my understanding that very few of the Larrivée electric guitars manufactured in the 1980s made it to England, so you … Read more