Orange OR50 & PPC412LTD CAB

Britain’s very own Orange Amps is celebrating its 40th anniversary with this excellent 50W rig. Dave Petersen dodges the balloons and cake and heads straight for his guitar. To mark its 40th birthday, They introduced this special new model Orange OR50 at this year’s Frankfurt fair in February. It has similar dimensions to the Thunderverb … Read more

Laney Cub 8 / Laney Cub 10

One five-watt class A monster, one Laney Cub 8 class A/B charmer: Laney’s new import line makes the miniature valve amp dilemma a whole lot harder. Review by Dave Walsh Lyndon Laney is something of a reclusive figure in the British guitar industry. Since his humble beginnings in his parents’ garden shed he’s been successfully … Read more

Orange Dual Terror

If you loved the Tiny Terror but need more power or a boosted second channel, then the Orange Dual Terror could be your new squeeze. Review by Dave Walsh When Orange unveiled the all-valve Tiny Terror in 2007, the performance of this DVD boxset-sized amp caused a sensation among tonehounds. Some, however, fancied a bit … Read more

Markacoustic AC121 Combo

Shunning the Markbass bumblebee livery for moody black. Markacoustic AC121 Combo amps can handle basses, guitars, mandolins, banjos and lots more. Review by Gareth Morgan Marco De Virgiliis’ Markacoustic combos are designed for acoustic basses and a range of other acoustic instruments. The latest addition to the three-unit range. The swanky AC121, is a plain … Read more

Ampeg Micro-VR Head & SVT 210AV 200W Cabinet

Nothing says big-bottomed bass more than an SVT looming at the back of the stage and nothing says hug me like Ampeg Micro-VR Head new miniature version. Review by Gareth Morgan We can only speculate why Ampeg, in its 40th year, has decided to produce a miniaturised version of the beloved 1970s SVT. The result … Read more

Blackstar Series One 45 Combo

How about a rip-snorting Blackstar Series One 45 Combo that you can dial down to a level to suit any stage? The Series One offers this and whole lot more. Review by Dave Petersen. Blackstar has made its name as a maker of high-quality amps with old-school values at prices that have raised the bar … Read more

Orange Rockerverb 50 MkII 212

You can’t accuse Orange Rockerverb 50 MkII 212 of being wallflowers, and the new, weighty, improved 50W combo has extra features and it rocks like a demon. Ever carried a Fender Twin up two flights of stairs? If so, you’re probably getting a twinge in your lower back just thinking about it. With that in … Read more