Vox AC10 Review: Classic Look And Feel

This is a review of the Vox AC10. The classic, single-speaker Vox AC10, launched in 1959, went through many cosmetic alterations before being retired in 1965, but its distinctive circuit remained mostly unchanged, and was featured in many of the company’s best – selling line of amplifiers. The AC10 inhabited a desirable spot between those … Read more

Magnepan LRS vs KEF LS50

What makes a loudspeaker good? The answer is sound quality and accuracy. But that isn’t all. With the demand for loudspeakers spiking, the production of loudspeakers and different brands have emerged worldwide. To be unique from each other, brands must develop new features for their loudspeakers. So the new question is – which is better?  … Read more

Dayton Audio Hybrid Tube Amplifier Review 2022

With a unique feature set and combinatorial artistry of modern technologies, the Dayton Audio hybrid tube amplifier has taken the market by storm since its launching.  It’s as efficient and powerful as an AB amplifier and as warm as a vacuum tube preamp. The top-tier blend results in natural, articulate sounds that only refined ears … Read more

Fender Super Reverb: A Detailed Guide

Fender super reverb is the smoldering musical gadget promoted by the famous blue hounds and the hard rockers. This amp is an embodiment of the elements exclusively used on the makers’ outstanding designs that ruled the sonic floor from the late ’50s to early ’60s. Its overdriven sound was lauded by many eminent players and … Read more

Nobsound Little Bear T7 Review 2022: A Big Performance for a Small Budget 

Listening to the pure and very real sound that comes out of vinyl is an incomparable experience. And it’s never complete without a vintage turntable.  To make this setup even more sensational, you can throw in the right preamp. This would instantly take the music to the next level, and it’s what these records deserve.  … Read more

Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee Full Review

Since its original debut in 1987, the Silver Jubilee has taken the music community by a storm. It’s caught the attention of many guitarists, thanks to its impeccable performance in clubs and arenas.  Nearly 30 years later, the company reissued its most celebrated amp head with an array of rugged features that appealed to faithful … Read more

The King of Tone Waiting List – Is It Worth the Wait?

When you hear about the King of Tone, only two things come to your mind: the waiting list and the impeccable sounds! The pedal is the result of a collaboration between Analog Man and Jim Weider. You’d expect nothing short of perfect from both of them. Unfortunately, if you want to get the KoT, you’ll … Read more