How To Do Basic Tube Amp Maintenance

With today’s modern technology, it can be a surprise to find a relic of a past era still active. This is exactly what a tube amplifier is. Powered by vacuum tubes, these amps increase sound volume greatly. Though transistor amps are available, a lot of musicians swear that a tube amplifier delivers a warmer, better … Read more

How To Use A Tube Amplifier Choke

Tube amplifiers are a great piece of old-time technology that have managed to stay relevant through the ages. One of the advantages of using them is the fact that you can tweak them to a great degree. For example, you can do tube rolling, which is the practice of individually personalizing each tube in the … Read more

How to Bias a Tube Amp

Tube amps are highly sought after for their beautiful sound quality, but because of usual wear and tear, your prized amp should be expected to deteriorate with time. However, if you learn how to properly bias a tube amp, you can help lessen and even prevent this wear and tear from occuring. In a few … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Vacuum Tube Amplifiers

vacuum tube amp basics

If you’re into audio, there’s no doubt you’ve probably been involved with, or at least overheard, a debate about tube amplifiers.  If you’re looking for a way to catch up on vacuum tube amplifier basics, we’ve got tube amps explained for you here. What Is A Tube Amp? Tube amps, or valve amps, are a … Read more