Wangs Amps 60W Dual Channel Acoustic Amplifier Review

The world of guitar amps is full of competition that you’ve probably witnessed yourself. Yet, some lesser-known brands might suit the needs of many guitarists, especially beginners. Companies like Wangs Amps have considerably steady feet on the market now and for all the right reasons. In this article, we’ll help you become more familiar with … Read more

DarkVoice 336SE Headphone Tube Amplifier Review 2021

Every audiophile knows the importance of a powerful amplifier, and the DarkVoice 336SE definitely falls into that category. The 336SE is an output transformer-less (OTL) tube headphone amplifier. It’s mainly used as part of a hi-fi stereo system. This amp provides a powerful and clear sound without compromising on quality. Let’s talk more about the … Read more

Nobsound 6P1 Tube Amplifier Review

In a world with digital audio spreading everywhere, the analog sound became a rare sight. However, analog music still retains a different level of warmth and coziness. The Nobsound 6P1 tube amplifier is a compact yet powerful analog amp that comes at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for these qualities, it might be everything … Read more

MUZISHARE X7 Tube Amp Review – Is It Worth It?

Although tube amplifiers have been around for decades, it’s not until recently that they’ve started gaining popularity again.  Most audiophiles like them because they provide a fuller and warmer sound profile compared to solid-state amplifiers. The fact that they also have fewer components than solid state models, makes them more durable and reliable.  If you’re … Read more

YAQIN MC-84L Tube Amp Review

Tube or valve amplifiers were all the rage back in the 1950’s and 60’s. But thanks to technological advancements and reduction in fabrication costs, new amplifier technology emerged. Naturally, this caused valve amps to fade slightly into obscurity. In recent years though, tube amplifiers have made a comeback, and the Yaqin brand is at the … Read more

Pro-Ject Audio – Tube Box DS Review


Pro-Ject Audio – Tube Box DS is a valve-output phono amplifier that utilizes high-end components, offering an improved performance over the original S/E II version of Pro-Ject’s Tube box. The unit offers impressive sound quality, making it an easy upgrade on practically every analogue hi-fi system in the mid-price range. Equipped with a switchable subsonic … Read more