Maxon OD808 Review

Maxon OD808

For smooth, natural overdrive sound, the Maxon OD808 Overdrive Pedal follows the time tested tradition of the product musicians have used and loved for years. Built to last and 100% analog, the Maxon OD808 is durable and solidly constructed. It may only have the basic options, but it offers limitless flexibility within these options and … Read more

MXR Phase 90 Review

The MXR Phase 90 Guitar Effects Pedal is one of MXR’s most popular and well-loved products. Offering a variety of features, speeds and sounds, the MXR Phase 90 comes at a reasonable price for any beginner musician or even the professional guitarist. Below is some information regarding this Guitar Effects Pedal, meant to inform potential … Read more

TC Electronic Nova System Review

TC Electronic Nova System

While any good guitarist doesn’t need a sound effect to sound good; they are great tools when it comes to creating iconic sounds – whether playing live or in the studio. For many musicians, the TC Electronic Nova System does just that with its all analog distortion/overdrive section and expression control. When looking for a … Read more

TC Electronic G-System Review

TC Electronic G-System

The TC Electronic G-System Guitar Multi-Processor is a complete, high quality floor based guitar system with nine simultaneous effects and four FX loops. As TC’s flagship product, this G-System delivers high quality sound to its users and is built to last. With its high levels of flexibility and quality, the TC Electronic G-System is so … Read more

Vox ToneLab EX Review

Vox ToneLab EX

The Vox ToneLab EX Valvetronix is one of the latest offerings from Vox, enhanced for richer and more impressive live performance. However, the full-size, multi-effect pedal is equipped with 200 instantly-available professional programs, including 50 song presets capable of recreating the guitar effects from a variety of well-known songs, and boasts 33 distinctive amp models. … Read more

Zoom G9.2TT Review

Zoom G9.2TT

The Zoom G9.2TT multi-effect guitar pedal with dual tube preamp provides powerful sound with its Energizer technology. Containing a new ZFX-3 chip, its 32-bit DSP, the G9.2TT’s improved processor and decoding system ensures that even the most delicate picking comes out with crystal clarity. The G9.2TT offers a variety of settings to accurately simulate some … Read more

Line 6 M13 Review

Line 6 M13

The Line 6 M13 stomp box modeler pedal equipped with hundreds of effect combinations and incredible customizing options, virtually making it its own boutique pedal board. The Line 6 M13 revolutionizes sound with its instant access to history’s arsenal of the most well-loved stomp box sounds. The system offers 19 analog/digital delays, 18 popular distortions, … Read more

Line 6 DL4 Review

Line 6 DL4 3

The Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler Pedal offers musicians and audio specialists an incredible range of sounds, delays and loop echos for their guitar, and with its high pricetag, it better. Listed below is some useful information for consumers who are considering purchasing this model. Line 6 DL4 Specs The Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler … Read more

Line 6 POD HD500 Review

Line 6 POD HD500

With a seemingly unlimited amount of delays, modulations, distortions, compressions, EQs, filters, and reverbs, the Line 6 POD HD500 Amp Modeling Multi-Effects Pedalboard offers a way for musicians to revolutionize how they play with so many options to customize the way they sound. This unit is easy to program, making it easy for anyone to … Read more

Eventide TimeFactor Review

Eventide TimeFactor

Eventide has a reputation for creating some of the best and most-loved audio products around. From processors and plug-ins to channel strips and effects toolkits, they offer it all. One of the most recent products to come out is the Eventide TimeFactor Delay Pedal, capable of recording and playing back anything. Eventide TimeFactor Specs The … Read more