How To Ground a Turntable?

how to ground a turntable

Turntables are a great piece of kit for music lovers. They allow you to play vinyl records and also connect to your speakers or headphones so that you can listen to your favorite tracks. However, it can be difficult to ground these devices if you’re working with older models which often use two-prong plugs. The … Read more

Pyle PP444 Phono Preamp Review

Pyle PP444 Phono Preamp Review

As a phono preamp, the Pyle PP444 has been designed to offer you high-quality performance and unsurpassed compatibility with any phono cartridge on the market. The phono preamp features one RCA input and one RCA output for easy connection to your phono input or amplifier. It also includes a ground terminal for a common ground. … Read more

Why Are Turntables So Expensive?

Why Are Turntables So Expensive?

Ever since the invention of the phonograph in 1877, sound has been recorded and reproduced using a turntable. The first commercial player was introduced in 1909 by Victor Talking Machine Company. A few years later, the company’s engineers invented what we now know as “heavy-duty” turntables that utilized a direct-drive motor to rotate the platter … Read more

Best phono preamps under $100


As an audiophile, you know that vinyl records are a sound investment. You can buy them for just a few dollars and play them on your turntable in the comfort of your own home without having to leave it like you would with digital music files or streaming audio services. But as much as we … Read more

Why should you buy Vinyl Music On turntable? (Review)


In this article, I want to tell you about Vinyl Music On turntable, a new and innovative way of playing your favorite music from vinyl records without ever having to plug in anything. All you have to do is place the record on the turntable and it will automatically start playing through your computer speakers. … Read more

How to Record from Vinyl to Digital

How to Record from Vinyl to digital

The process of recording from vinyl to digital is still a valid one, even in today’s modern era. Digitalization of records has been around for about forty years now, and with new technology and equipment available for this type of task, there are many ways you can preserve your old records without any loss of … Read more

10 Best Headphones for Vinyl

10 Best Headphones for Vinyl reviews

Music is one of the most universal ways to communicate with others, and a great way to express yourself. It also has an amazing ability to bring people together in celebration or mourning. But what’s the best way for you to enjoy music? One option is vinyl records! The sound quality on a vinyl record … Read more

Victrola 8-in-1 Wood Record Player (The Navigator) Review

Victrola 8-in-1 Wood Record Player (The Navigator) review

The Victrola 8-in-1 Wood Record Player (The Navigator) is a great option for those who are looking for a retro flair and high quality sound. Listen to your favorite records on the go with this Victrola 8-in-1 Wood Record Player. This portable player can play just about any record format from 78s, 45s and 33 … Read more