Monoprice Stage Right Amp Review 2021

Vintage is definitely “in” these days, especially when it comes to guitar amps.  Plugins and emulators allow a musician to really recreate any kind of tone they want.  However, one of the things that is most appealing about vintage-style gear is that it is easy to recreate these older tones without using a computer or … Read more

Best Multitrack Recorder For iPads

In this day and age, where we want everything to be operated literally straight from the palm of our hands, having a multitrack recorder that can be easily operated by you is the best option. Technological advancements are what have made life easier and comparatively smoother from before, especially for aspiring musicians. The development of multitrack … Read more

6 Best Budget Multitrack Recorders

In this digital age, the multitrack recorder may at first glance appear to be a dinosaur from the age of Napster.  I think of them more like an evergreen workhorse, an additional layer in your recording chain that allows you another level of flexibility over your final sound.   Multitrack recorders are a great piece of … Read more

Best Effects Pedal for Harmonica

best effects pedal for harmonica

Are you in the market for an effects pedal for harmonica? We might be able to help. Let’s be clear: If you know anything about guitar playing, you’ll know the harmonica is achieved by minimal effects. Because it already boasts a rich timbre sound, it doesn’t take much to achieve that indistinct and muddy sound. … Read more

Best Reverb Pedal for Ambient Music

best reverb pedal for ambient music

From the most pious spring amp reverbs to ethereal pitch-shifted shimmers, reverb options are appropriately vast. Artificial reverb pedals are essential music tools, as they help to create the sense of space that is otherwise eliminated by instruments and close-milking voices in an acoustically dead atmosphere. Reverb, in the real world, is created by reflection … Read more

Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal

  Have you got a good overdrive pedal on your board, but sometimes wish you could do more with it? Do you wish you could use a delay effect to alter the rhythm, color or texture of your music? Do you want a pedal with a top-class chorus effect to add multiple layers to your … Read more

Electro-Harmonix Soul Food Distortion Pedal

  Are you looking to inject your music with more feeling and passion? Have you been using an overdrive pedal that is just missing that little something special? Do you want to be able to produce a more edgy sound and push your distortion amps to the next level? Well, guess what? There’s great news … Read more

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Guitar Effects Pedal

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Guitar Effects Pedal Do you love your blues music? Do you strive to capture the feel of the raw, honest emotion that’s so integral to the rhythm of the blues? Have you been using a pedal that’s just not up to the task? Do you yearn to create fabulous blues dance … Read more