Boss WAZA Tube Amp Expander Review

Are you trying to find a device that combines a wide variety of recreational tone tools in one place? If your answer is yes, this tube amp expander might pique your interest.  A power tube attenuator is a device used with a guitar amplifier. This one’s job is to dissipate and divert a portion of … Read more

How To Find The Best 12AX7 Tube for Clean Tone

Musicians and guitarists who use tube amps understand their significance and how they will change the amp’s characteristics. This is why finding the best 12AX7 tube for clean tone is a priority for every music enthusiast.  12AX7 tubes amplify the sound and increase its quality while decreasing the noise. This will guarantee the cleanliness of … Read more

The Best New 12AX7 Tubes 2021

Every guitar enthusiast is probably looking for the best new 12AX7 tubes to improve sound quality. They’re known for their outstanding high-gain sound, and multiple ones are often used to increase the gain for better audio.  Although your guitar or Hi-Fi amplifier already comes with tubes, they tend to lose their quality over time. As … Read more

5751 Tubes Vs. 12AX7 Tubes – Which Is Better?

Amateur and professional musicians are likely to be in the market for new amp tubes once their old ones start failing. Usually, the question arises when they have to compare a 5751 tube vs. 12ax7 one. In this article, we’ll explain the difference between a 5751 tube and a 12AX7 one and the sound quality … Read more

MUZISHARE X7 Tube Amp Review – Is It Worth It?

Although tube amplifiers have been around for decades, it’s not until recently that they’ve started gaining popularity again.  Most audiophiles like them because they provide a fuller and warmer sound profile compared to solid-state amplifiers. The fact that they also have fewer components than solid state models, makes them more durable and reliable.  If you’re … Read more

YAQIN MC-84L Tube Amp Review

Tube or valve amplifiers were all the rage back in the 1950’s and 60’s. But thanks to technological advancements and reduction in fabrication costs, new amplifier technology emerged. Naturally, this caused valve amps to fade slightly into obscurity. In recent years though, tube amplifiers have made a comeback, and the Yaqin brand is at the … Read more

7025 Tubes vs. 12ax7 Tubes

when should you replace your tubes

There are many amplifier tubes out there, including the popular 12AX7 and the 7025. So what are they? And how do they compare to each other? If you’re looking for answers to these questions, you’re in the right place. Today, I’ll put the 7025 tube vs. the 12AX7 counterpart, so you can have a better … Read more

Yaqin MC-100B Tube Amplifier Review

When you’re playing music, the amp tubes are responsible for making the sound you hear. They achieve that by elevating the tiny signals coming off the pickups from the guitar.  After that, they take these signals and enhance them into something large enough to move the surrounding air, producing sound. However, tube amplifiers aren’t only … Read more

Little Dot MKIII Review

Who would have thought you’d need special equipment for your headphones? It seems a bit extra, don’t you think? That’s what you may think before coming across the Little Dot MKIII. Every headphone owner would love to own that thing. Although tube amplifiers may seem out of this era, they’re making a strong comeback with … Read more