Are Tube Amps Better? The Debate Rages On!

The big question that plagues many new musicians is this: are tube amps better than solid-state amps? The answer to this question often determines what sort of amp they buy. We’ve covered this topic in the past (here and here, for example) and there’s never really one clear answer.  The trouble is the answer to … Read more

3 Top Power Amplifiers Reviewed

Without power, the world would be plunged into darkness. But power can’t always be used effectively in its pure and original form. More often than not, it needs to be amplified for its effective utilization. It’s actually just an electronic device capable of augmenting the power signal. It functions by drawing power from a power … Read more

Why Tubes Sound Better: Tube Amp Vs Solid State Amp

Why Tubes Sound Better? - Top 5 Simple Reasons

What Are Tube Amps? Amplifiers are electronic devices that are designed to increase the power or voltage of a signal. Amplifiers were first developed with tubes, then soon with transistors. Tubes, also known as valves, use vacuum tubes to increase or amplify the power or voltage of a signal. Tubes are used in several technologies … Read more

Tube Amp vs. Solid-State Amp

Tube amplifiers have long been a staple of creating and enjoying audio, but the more modern solid state amps have unseathed tubes as the more common amp of choice.  Why do people still enjoy tube amps?  What is it that makes them perenially appealing?  In this infographic we take a look at tube amps vs … Read more

How Tube Amps Work

Tube amplifiers, or tube amps as they’re commonly called, are tiny electronic or electromagnetic components that are used to boost electric current in devices to improve their performance. It’s what makes your hearing aid pick up sounds through a microphone from all around you. What you get then is a signal with enhanced strength that … Read more