When To Replace Your Guitar Amp Tubes

If there’s starting to be something off with your tube amp, you may find yourself wondering when to replace your guitar amp tubes.   Before you even start investigating, amp tube replacement cost may be an important consideration.  In most cases, you can look up the number of the tube online and find an exact price.  … Read more

Are Tube Amps Supposed to Glow?

If you find yourself asking, “Are tube amps supposed to glow?” it’s probably because you have just discovered glowing tubes within your amplifier. This article will help to clear up whether or not that’s normal, and what you should be looking out for. Is it normal for a tube to glow orange? Although the specific … Read more

What is a Vacuum Tube Amplifier?

There are a number of different amplifiers that are designed to be used in different ways and for their own unique purposes. One of these is a vacuum tube amplifier. To those who aren’t familiar with a vacuum tube amplifier or what it does, it can easily sound like some kind of complicated futuristic device. … Read more