Long-awaited multimedia guitar amplifier Positive Grid Spark

Positive Grid Spark

Positive Grid Spark is a small 40-watt amplifier. The amplifier is universal – it can be used with basses, electric guitars, and acoustic instruments. Spark is translated as Spark in English, and this novelty is predicted to be the killer of Yamaha THR because Positive Grid has ten times more powerful functions at a much … Read more

How to choose guitar strings

guitar strings

You brought your first instrument home, but it refuses to sound like a “firm” instrument. The guitar builds, the line does not float, but there is no expressiveness in the sound. It’s the guitar strings – it’s an expendable material that needs to be replaced regularly. Your new love may have spent more than a … Read more

How to choose a guitar pick

How to choose a guitar pick

How to choose a guitar pick. Introduction You are determined to become a guitarist. Your social networks are flooded with videos with professional guitarists, your eyes are fixed on the self-tutorial, and you’re holding a long-awaited guitar that just arrived from the store. The pick is the final piece of the mosaic that will help … Read more

Top 5 Teaching Aids When Learning to Play the Electric Guitar

Gibson Learn and Master Guitar Course

Learning to play the Electric Guitar can be a significant investment in time and money, and many choose paid lessons rather than independent study. Lessons taken in this way are expensive, and progress is often slow. There are many alternative ways to learn to play the Electric Guitar that teach at the pace that an … Read more

Top 5 Gibson Maestro Guitars

Double Cutaway Electric Guitar

Founded in 1902, Nashville-based Gibson Guitar Corporation makes acoustic, bass, and electric guitars, including the classic Les Paul model. Gibson manufactures guitars under several brands, including Epiphone and Kalamazoo. Gibson’s Maestro acoustic and electric guitars are well suited for beginning or young players. These budget-friendly guitars are a good choice for traveling, parties, and practices … Read more

How to Choose the Right Speaker Cable

Speaker Cable

Speaker cables are a core item to setting a new sound system. Without using decent speaker cable, the speakers and amplifiers have massive amounts of untapped music quality. However, many higher end cables overestimate the difference in sound quality a system can achieve just by adding a high quality cable. Many higher end metals that … Read more

Methods to Learn to Play Intricate Acoustic Guitar Pieces

Acoustic Guitar

Whether you are just learning how to play the guitar or already know how to play, but want to find ways to learn how to play intricate guitar solos, there are a number of methods you can try to help you learn more quickly and easily. When attempting to learn intricate acoustic pieces, you can … Read more

Guitar Care and Maintenance – Cleaning the Fretboard

Guitar Care

Have you ever noticed that grunge that seems to build up in the area where your frets are embedded into the fretboard? It is a common problem and can affect the playability of the guitar. This grunge comes from the oils and dirt on your fingers when you are playing and can build up substantially … Read more

What Is Gain on a Guitar Amp?

gain on a guitar amp

Gain is one of the most commonly used settings of a guitar amplifier. But a lot of guitar players don’t actually understand what gain does on a guitar amp. What’s the best setting? Does the “more means better” rule work here? Is gain the same as volume? There are a lot of questions, and it’s … Read more