Boss RV-5 Review

The Boss RV-5 Reverb Pedal offers a wide range of reverb options to guitar players, including easy-to-use and intuitive controls. Provided below is some information regarding it, including both of the ups and downs of the product.

Boss RV-5 Review

Boss RV-5 Specs

The Boss RV-5 is on the smaller side of things when it comes to size, making it convenient for musicians on the go. With dimensions of 5.8 by 2.5 by 3.8 inches, and a only weight of 1.2 pounds, this reverb pedal still offers consumers a wide range of options when it comes to making music. The Boss RV-5 has 6 top-quality reverb modes on it, including spring reverb emulation and gate reverb. Additionally, using the newly added Modulate mode, more spacious reverb sounds can be made on any guitar that it is used with, offering customers a high-quality and top of the line product.

Boss RV-5 Review

Pros and Cons

One of the cons to purchasing a Boss RV-5 Reverb Pedal is actually purchasing it, not for quality reasons, but for financial ones. However, while it runs fairly high in price when it comes to reverb pedals. It does have a lot to offer, including adding a realistic sense of size and dimension to any sound. Additionally, it is great when it comes to thickening up harmonies and leads both in the studio. And when playing live. And finally, there is Boss’s reputation and excellent support and customer service; if anything does happen to go wrong with your Boss RV-5 Reverb Pedal, you have a reliable company to call; however, most customers rarely have a problem with their product since it is so professionally made.

Boss RV-5 Review

Customer Thoughts

One feature that is leaving customers more than satisfied with the Boss RV-5 is the device’s ability to change the wetness and tone of each different type of reverb. Additionally, many users are impressed with the reverb pedal’s durability and quality of manufacturing. One reviewer even writing that it is “heavy and can take a beating.” Users have no problem figuring out how to use this pedal after taking a few looks through. The user’s manual and only fiddling around with the actual device for a few minutes.


The Boss RV-5 goes above and beyond most reverb pedals, giving users the ability to control the length. Volume and tone of their reverberation. While this is a fairly expensive product, there are many other reverb pedals out there with similar price-tags. But they probably don’t offer the same number of options as does this pedal. In this price range it is the best digital reverb you are going to find.

Final Verdict Boss RV-5

All in all, the Boss RV-5 offers users a small, durable reverb pedal that has a wide range of sonic options and adjustments. Additionally, with its special and balanced sound. Musicians can use it whether they are performing, at home or in the studio. It is a really versatile pedal that is built to last.

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