Biyang/Wang Amps VT-1H All Tube 1 Watt Micro Amp Head Reviewed!

The VT-1H is a top quality tube amplifier that defies its size, producing nothing short of classic tube tone. While there are few mini amps in the market, this one-watt micro amp from Biyang is the ideal companion for your bedroom jams, studio gigs, and all-round rocking. With components of the best quality in the Biyang/Wang VT-1H amp, you can rest assured of vintage tube tones – only unique to this small, top-drawer package. 

A Small, yet Compact and Powerful One-Watt Amp

The sturdy build of the VT-1H is a standout quality. Although Biyang/Wang amps are generally renowned for the quality components used for the production of their devices, the VT-1H is unique for its precise high frequency. Even with little popularity in the U.S. – especially due to the amp’s name – the VT-1H has incredible features for a one-watt amp.

Features and Specifications

The little VT-1H tube amplifier is a tiny, yet classy package with amazing features.

  • One watt power output
  • 110V US plug power cable
  • Single channel
  • Volume and tone controls
  • 8ohm/16ohm output
  • Weight: 1.5KG

The package is just the perfect fit for your music therapy after a hard day at the office. What’s more, its tone quality provides the soothing vintage feel – just right for a studio gig too. 

Customer Reviews and Scores

The customer ratings and reviews on Amazon easily reveal the level of satisfaction the VT-1H amp from Biyang and Wang brings. One of the satisfied buyers commented saying “nice amp, sounds very good”. “The instructions are good, all the bits are included… tube amps are fun, they sound nice, they glow, everyone wants to talk about them when they see one”. The sound quality was an exciting part of the amp for the customer – and obviously, this aspect was thoroughly worked on by Biyang and Wang.

The VT-1H amp is one that provides the relaxing, comfy feel users yearn for in music devices. However, there were a few niggling worries about the product. One unsatisfied individual said “just looking at the image, this is a repackaged/renamed S5 Electronics G series amplifier kit.” But in reality, images do little to portray the real quality of a product. Hence, it is possible that this buyer has not tested the VT-1H amp to confirm firsthand its unique and amazing features.

Although little is still known about the quality of this amp from Biyang/Wang, it is worth giving a try. You can rest assured its build, pure tone, and overall quality will be the ideal partner for your music needs. Even with a one-watt power output, the VT-1H amp provides edge-of-the-seat thrills with its unique, classy tone. This makes it easy for me to recommend it for your use. 

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