The Best Tube Amp Under 400

A great sounding tube amp can add so much warmth to your tone.  And luckily, we are living in a world of audio riches these days – stereo tube amps and tube-powered guitar amplifiers such as the Monoprice tube amp are not relegated to expensive vintage gear.  I’m here to help you find the best tube amp under 400, because I want your stereo setup to be the best it can be.

But before we begin, keep in mind these key differentiators in order to make the best decision.

Important Factors to Consider in Selecting Your Tube Amplifier

Selecting the best tube amplifier is not as complicated as everybody thinks. In fact, this can be accomplished by knowing the most important factors that must be considered during the selection process. Particularly the following:

Size and weight

One of the most important attributes to keep in mind when choosing the best tube amplifier is the product’s size and weight. Although it is a common notion that a heavier and larger amplifier includes more features since its size and weight suggest that it is equipped with many useful components, this belief has gradually changed.

This is because a lot of companies that make tube amplifiers are now using smaller yet more efficient components to make their products more lightweight and compact but still powerful.


Aside from the size and weight, the compatibility an amplifier must also be taken into consideration since failure to do so may cause buyers to obtain products which are not compatible to some audio sources and headphones particularly those that are widely used today. When this happens, buyers will regret their decision since the amplifier will only work with limited audio sources and other accessories.

Available functions

Finally, buyers must look at the set of functions that a tube amplifier has prior to the purchase.  Tube amplifiers can offer some on-board mix and EQ features as well as bluetooth capability.

In addition, examining the available features and functions can help you have a better understanding of the price compared to quality.  To truly find the best tube amp for home use, you want a wide variety of features at a decent price.

4 Best Tube Amplifiers Under $400