Best Tube Amp Emulator Plugin

Technology these days allows musicians to explore different sound effects for their songs. These sound effects are computer generated yet they sound authentic. Emulator plugins are no exception.

If you want police sirens, symbols clapping, alarms or any other sound effect then consider buying an emulator plugin.

The best two are reviewed for you below. They’re both excellent in delivering authentic sounds. What else is best about them? Read further and learn why these emulator plugins are in high demand by musicians.

ZOOM B3n Multi Effects Processor for Bassists

Make crowds go crazy when they hear the new sounds you can create with this ZOOM B3n multi effects processor. This emulator gives you the tools you need to widen your sound performance capabilities.

The ZOOM B3n features:

  • Ultra realistic stomp box
  • Amp
  • Cabinet emulators

You can create unique sounds with any of the 67 high quality stomp box DSP effects. The main effects consist of:

  • 19 dynamic and filter effects
  • 15 overdrive and distortion effects
  • 17 modulation effects
  • 11 delay and reverb effects

This model has five new amp and cabinet emulators. There are also five classic bass amps that help amplify your songs. You can use up to seven effects simultaneously. These effects can be chained together in any order.

If you feel the cabinet emulators aren’t sufficient creating unique songs you can download additional effects via the ZOOM guitar lab software.

The stereo or mono looper allows up to 80 seconds of phrase recording. You can record layers of different sounds.

There are 68 rhythm patterns which are built in that can be used in combination with the looper. The rhythm patterns allow you to have a “one man band” performance because you can play and/or record different instrumental sounds simultaneously.

The looper, delay effects, and rhythm patterns can all be coordinated with a tap tempo function. The built in chromatic tuner lets you avoid any chains and allows you to mute the tuning signals altogether.

If you enjoy recording your sessions then you’ll love the in-built interface for fast editing. This interface is simple to use and you get a hands on feel for a pedalboard filled with stomp boxes.

There are three LDC editing display screens so you can switch between the effect chains. You can also add, delete and chain the order of the effects easily with the interface editing.

Three stomp box switches bring or cut effects instantly. You can store up to 150 custom effects as patches.

The ZOOM B3n includes a control input so you can connect an optional ZOOM expression pedal. With this pedal you’ll have real time control of the effects. You’ll have perfect timing of effects to deliver the punch immediately.


  • The effects are versatile and sound authentic
  • The sound quality is excellent and all notes are balanced
  • Pedals and plugin are simple to use
  • It’s compatible with different foot pedals


  • If the volume is above the input level unwanted distortion can occur
  • Parts can burn up which can cause the signal to fail
  • The USB cable connecting you to the software isn’t recognized which makes it difficult to download additional effects
  • There is no XLR jack

Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 Cali

This emulator not only gives you multiple effects to make your music dynamic and creative. You also get the vintage distortion effect.

The Rig 5 Cali series is a new addition. The Cali distortion is inspired by the distortion sounds from the mid 70’s. Although this era’s distortion was rough the Cali is lighter on your ears yet makes the impact you need.

The Cali distortion transforms sounds at the turn of the switch to deliver the kick instantly. You instantly go from clean sounds to a dirty overdrive. There are no progression delays.

There is a boost function and when activated it gives the same sound as a 12AX7 preamp. It’s activated with its own footswitch and boosts the sounds up to 21dB. You can transform from an overdrive to a punchy grain. The footswitch is separate from the emulator which allows you to use it with other functions.

The Fly Rig 5 Cali is equipped with the all analog SansAmp™. This is the conversion technology which enables you to go direct to a PA or a mixer.

Features you’ll find in this emulator plugin include:

  • Three band active EQ, level and drive. These adjust the overall amount of gain and overdrive.
  • Reverb which recreates the vintage reverbs in clarity.
  • The DLA pedal gives you the voice of a vintage tape echo. This pedal also features level, time, repeats and drifts.
  • The tap tempo switch makes it easier for you to delay the tempo of the song played.

The Fly Rig 5 Cali is compact and can be stored in your guitar case for easy portability.


  • You have full control of any effects
  • You can set two different guitar tones
  • It’s easy to use
  • It has most effects musicians love so you don’t need to buy an additional pedal


  • At start up switching off the unwanted effects takes time
  • There is no filter to reduce distortion at high gain tones
  • The knobs are too small to hold and turn swiftly
  • Sounds can sound artificial

There is no doubt these are two great multi effects plugins. The ZOOM B3n is our favorite because it gives you the tools and versatility to record & edit songs so they sound exactly the way you want. There are over 60 effects and more to download that increase your chances of creating tunes unmatched by anyone else.

If you want your music to have the “it” factor then get yourself an emulator plugin. One simple music tool makes an impact on what you can create. Because it’s easy to use and have the sounds you need you don’t need the help of anyone else. Now you’ll be the star.