Best Sounding Class D Amplifier

Music must be enjoyed where you can hear the full range of notes. Sometimes your normal stereo is just not providing the music experience you need. That’s when you need an amplifier.

For the best range of class D amplifiers read on. It only takes a few minutes to compare each product with the others. At the end of the review you’ll be prepared to purchase the one you know is destined for you.

Behringer Eurolive B208D

The new technological design of this amp produces a powerful clean sound that’s hardly experienced from a speaker. At the highest volume levels this amp won’t distort. This is achieved by the built-in high pass filter.

This amp is lightweight yet gives you the power you need for a superior sound performance. Inside each enclosure is:

  • An active two way electronic crossover
  • Graphic EQ
  • Parametric EQ
  • Mic preamp
  • Limiter
  • Two class D power amplifiers

These elements work together to provide an optimum sound performance. This happens automatically as soon as you plug the amp in without even turning a knob.

The amp has an advanced cooling system to prevent components from overheating and burning out. You can use these amps for long periods without the risk of malfunctions.

You can use the amp as a PA system. You only need to plug in the microphone. All voices will be heard clearly. You can also use the amp as a stereo music system for your parties or a simple movie night.

For band practice you can monitor the sound production of each channel to determine which music compositions are best.


  • All sounds are clear and crisp
  • The speakers are loud enough to use in open areas
  • Easy to set up and use
  • The amp is durable for constant portability


  • The volume button can cause a static noise
  • The speaker doesn’t have a bass kick
  • There is no carry handle which makes portability difficult
  • The mic input is sensitive and can produce a feedback noise

Pioneer GM-D9605 Gm Digital Series Class D Amp

The amp is suitable to use for band practice or when you want to add a stereo system in your home. This compact design of this class D amp makes portability easier when you need sound elevation.

This D class can be installed in cars, trucks, boats and ATV’s to boost sounds.

The variable low pass filters ensure there is no distortion when playing sounds at high volumes.

The input methods feed one another to deliver the optimum sound performance you crave. The methods include:

  • The front two channels that are RCA only can provide signal to the other channels
  • The four high level connection channels can provide signals to the subwoofer channel.

The amp is made of heavy duty aluminum alloy for extra durability. This material also has a heat sink for extreme temperature dispersion. The amp won’t overheat and burn out when you use it constantly.

For longevity the amp has a three way protection circuitry. This protects the machine from overheating and/or short fusing. The protection circuitry includes:

  • Thermal protection
  • Overload protection
  • Speaker short protection


  • The amp works well with stock speakers
  • It’s easy to connect to a sound system
  • There is no distortion at any volumes
  • It’s a perfect fit for most cars


  • Users complain the amp gets warm when used for hours
  • Some features have troubles working from the start
  • The product doesn’t work past its warranty
  • The amp drains a car’s battery quickly

Rockville APM8W 8″ 2-Way 500W Active/Powered USB Studio Monitor Speakers Pair

This is a two-way active studio monitor speaker system. Each driver features frequency specific independent amplifiers for more distinct and clear sounds.

The amp is designed with plenty of air space which is perfect to maximize sound quality.

The design of the tweeter eliminates any chance of distortion even at high volumes. The woofers are made of rubber which enhances the amp’s ability to produce optimum sounds while guaranteeing little distortion.

Expert sound engineers shaped the amp to deliver:

  • Impressive sounds with the computer optimized electronic crossover network
  • Perfect amount of lows, mids and highs
  • Specially wound voice coils produce accurate response along the entire frequency

Another unique design feature is the use of the black finish. This is a “baking finish” which is made for wood surfaces. This paint makes the exterior materials last longer.


  • The amp can be paired with another sound system to boost sounds
  • The amp is very loud
  • You can connect instruments to it for a better musical performance
  • There is no distortion at all


  • The amp is difficult to set up
  • There is a lack of bass
  • There is a humming or hissing sound that can’t be fully eliminated
  • The amp picks up studio monitor frequencies which can cause it to hiss

CT Sounds AT-500.1 Class D Monoblock Car Amplifier

This class D amplifier is designed specifically to boost your car’s sound system. The one channel amp is 1 Ohm stable. With this level you can run different Ohm loads for a more diverse sound experience.

This amp is compact which can fit easily into any size car.

The following features are built into the amp:

  • Bass know
  • Remote gain control
  • Clip light indicator
  • Built in voltmeter

The sub works well with most subwoofers and factory car systems.


  • Delivers more sound volume than advertised
  • The bass has a punch
  • Sounds are clear and crisp
  • Amp is easy to set up


  • The frequency response is flat
  • The device can overheat easily
  • The protection mode makes the amp faulty
  • Internal components can burn up


If you’re missing out on the best music experience in your home or car buy any one of these class D amps today. We love the Pioneer amp for its user friendliness and size. But what are your preferences? You sound quality and satisfaction will be enhanced no matter which one on the list you pick.