The Best Small Tube Amp for Recording

Planning to add to your collection of well-used amps? Excitedly comparing amps to buy your very first Vox or Fender?

Or are you a newcomer who’s just stumped by all the British vs. American debates about inanimate objects?

Quit plucking those guitar strings for a few minutes. We can help you decide on the best small tube amp for recording.

That British vs. American Thing

No, the British Vox won’t suddenly make you go on about eating your tea, hand-washing your tweed, or looking for the zebra crossing.

Quite simply, the reason it’s known as the British amp to the Fender’s American is the origin.

The Brits made the Vox amp in 1958. You’ve got the EL34, KT88, EL84, and other tubes they used to thank for the Vox’s famous crisp, clean, well, Voxiness.

The Americans made the Fender amp in 1945. The tubes used included 6L6s and 6V6s. Those are behind the Fender’s signature scooped-out smoothness.

Tube Amps vs. Larger Amps

Here’s what puzzles most people: Tube amps were made first. Then solid-state amps or transistors were invented specifically to provide stronger, louder results.

If engineering isn’t really your thing, you’re probably wondering how tube amps can possibly beat the bigger and more powerful transistor that was literally made as a better option. After all, bigger means louder, means all kinds of awesome sounds to get your rock on, right?

Right, just not when it comes to guitar amps. Radios, phones, and early TVs all switched to transistors. Here’s a quick look at the reasons tube amps deliver the winning beats.


Unlike larger amps, tube amps are generally small enough and lightweight enough to go anywhere with you.  The best small tube guitar amplifier can fit in the passenger seat of your car and still be powerful enough for you to have a gig wherever you go.


Yup, you read that right. Another reason so many audiophiles prefer tube amps is the neat distortion they make. In fact, it’s so pleasing to your sensitive musical ear it’s called harmonic distortion.

‘That’ Classic Touch

Because tube amps produce those sweet, punchy mid-range tones, we tend to associate them with that beloved classic sound of the 60s and 70s.

Vox vs. Fender

So which good small tube amp is best? Ask your musician buddies and no amp can probably be heard over the loud argument that’ll follow. Join us for a quiet and quick look at each type.

The British Tone: VOX AC15