Best Low Wattage Amp

Did you know there are affordable tube amps? There are numerous models in the market so comparing them can be long and tedious.

That’s why we put together a list of the best low wattage tube amp heads for you. Take a few minutes to compare them all and find the perfect one suited for your music needs.

Fender Blues Junior III 15-Watt 12-Inch Guitar Combo Amp – Black

This low wattage amp delivers 15W of a sweet, touch sensitive tube tone. When you want the sweet tube tone you can crank into an overdrive. You can add a spring reverb and foot switch FAT boost. All these functions result in a versatile amp.

The speaker handles the clean, overdrive and distorted tones equally well. There won’t be any delays in the quick changes you make. The switches add kicks to your songs exactly when you want.

The amp is perfect to use for practice in your home or live sessions in small venues.

The main effect given to you is spring reverb. There are individual controls for the:

  • Reverb
  • Middle
  • Bass
  • Treble
  • Fat switch


  • You can hear all tones well
  • Music is delivered smoothly
  • The amp is loud enough for use in small spaces


  • The amp doesn’t last until its warranty period is over
  • The tubes are sensitive and finding replacement parts is difficult
  • The amp is not suitable for live onstage performance because there isn’t enough power

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Orange Micro Terror 20-Watt Head

The Orange amp is perfect for practice or rehearsals. It is portable for convenience when you travel. When you travel with the amp you don’t need to constantly find a setting you love as with other amps. This means rehearsal times can shorten.

The compact amp is made of the same strong materials as the larger products. The materials give you the durability you need for a portable amp.

You work with a dynamic range of tones and volumes unexpected from an amp this size. The aux input allows you to connect your smartphone or other audio devices to practice with.

If you need greater power the amp is compatible with any cab with an 8Ohm or higher. With this you essentially boost the sound performance.


  • Additional pedals can be added for a greater effects range
  • Easy to set up and use
  • It’s louder than what you’d expect from the size


  • At the highest volume the sounds can sound brassy or muddy
  • The amp doesn’t have a clean channel
  • The pedal you want to create a clean channel with will create some distortion which negates the purpose

Bugera V5 Infinium

This vintage looking amp has an all tube amp design. There are two tubes that drive the sound performance you need:

  • The 12AX preamp tube provides the sweet and well balanced tones with a natural tube compression
  • EL84 pushes the amp to the max in terms of the sound performance

The V5 Infinium replicates the warm distortion and break up you love from vintage or traditional amps.

The reverb control provides a variety of effects. The effects convert songs from subtle and calm to dynamic and vibrant.

The technology built into the amp allows you to monitor the performance of each output tube. There is an LED light next to each tube which changes color according to the state of it. The lights will tell you if the tube is dying out so you can fix it before an issue arises.


  • The tubes are easy to replace
  • You can lower the wattage to suit the room the amp is in
  • The amp has a sturdy construction


  • The tube can rattle
  • Low frequencies can buzz
  • The amp is only ideal for mostly blues and clean genre music

VHT AV-SP1-6 Special 6 Combo Amplifier

The tubes built into this amp delivers the sound performance you need to make music creation a success. The amp is embedded with a 10’’ VHT high sensitivity speaker for a boosted sound performance.

The amp excels in delivering clean and overdriven tones. With the gain boost you can instantly switch between the two tones for a perfect timing performance.

The VHT amp features a high low power switch. The switch enhances the low tones with extra smoothness for perfect recording or practice. The high switch boosts the loudness of the amp.

If you’re a home amp builder you can add this to your customized sound system.


  • Practical for different music genres
  • You can add any type of pedal for more effects
  • Light and compact for convenient travel


  • The tubes may need replacing to improve the sound quality
  • The amp can overheat quickly
  • A buzzing sound can occur with time

Vox AC4TV All-tube Practice Amplifier

This amp is basic yet effective in helping with all music practices. The volume and tone controls help you practice the fundamentals to improve your music composition skills.

You can switch between a 1, 4 and 1/4W output level. This ensures the power is suited for bedroom practice.

The amp is embedded with an input jack for you to connect your music devices to practice instrumentals with your favorite songs. The output jack allows you to connect your headphones for a more private listening session.


  • The clean sounds are smooth
  • You can add pedals for different effects
  • It’s an efficient practice amp for amateurs to learn the basics


  • There are limited functions
  • The amp is not long lasting
  • There is no master control or boost channel


It’s tough to make a decision when you’re presented with five products that are equal in sound and quality. While we love the Orange Micro for its look and versatility, you know what your sound setup needs. Any of these amazing amps won’t leave you second guessing your decision. Which one will you pick?