Best In Wall Speakers: Top 4 Reviewed

If you are looking to up your at-home entertainment center with in-wall speakers, have a look at these top-rated choices.

Pyle In-Wall/In-Ceiling Dual 8.0” Enclosed Speaker Systems, 2-Way Flush Mount Stereo Speakers

 At the number four spot on the list, this Pyle enclosed speaker system can be mounted in your wall or in your ceiling. The 2-way stereo sound speakers have 400 watt peak power output and the long-throw woofers have 1-inch high temperature voice coils.

The speakers mount flush to the wall so that you can enjoy the 4-8 Ohm impedance and 1-inch titanium dome tweeters with aesthetic appeal. The housing is also vented and enclosed, and the speakers are ideal for a custom application that you’re dreaming up! They have a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz.

Reviewers tout the sound quality just as much as they compliment the clean and professional look that the flush mount affords them. Most people do a 2-speaker configuration on either side of their television screen, but others have went all-out with wall and ceiling mounted speakers throughout their home theater section to provide true cinematic quality, powerful audio entertainment.

If you are looking for speakers that will be just as pleasing to your eyes as they are to your ears, you’ll love the fact that these speakers have changeable grids. You’ll get to choose between round and square speaker grills to match the look and feel of your home entertainment center, and they are stain resistant so you can keep them looking new and clean for years to come.

The 8.0″ speakers are certainly the most popular, but Pyle sells two smaller sizes as well to fit the needs of virtually any project. And, at this price point, the quality is truly unbeatable.

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Polk Audio RC80i 2-Way In-Ceiling/In-Wall Speakers

If you have a mid-range budget for your in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, look no further than the RC80i speaker pair. Measuring 8.0 inches, the pair sells for just under $150 and features a power range of 20 to 100 watts. These 2-way speakers are timbre-matched to the Polk Audio RTi Series for seamless imaging, allowing for you to easily design your indoor entertainment area.

The dynamic-balance, mineral filled cone is made from polymer-composite, which lends itself to durability and excellent sound quality, especially when paired with something like the Monoprice tube amp. The speakers have a frequency response of 35Hz to 20kHz and come equipped with a 1-inch soft dome tweeter. The 15-degree swivel mount also allows for easy sound projection anywhere you want it within the room.

The moisture-resistent casing also allows you to put these speakers into a bathroom, sauna, or near a pool or hot tub without worry of them getting damaged. This is also great for climate controlled entertainment centers where you made be running humidifiers or misters to keep you and your guests comfortable.

These speakers have a wonderful and simplistic aesthetic value that allows them to mesh with the design of any space. They are flush mounted, so you won’t have to worry about trying to cover up or conceal their appearance. You can also paint them as the grill and flange are designed to be 100% customizable to your entertainment area.

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Acoustic Audio CS-IC83 In Ceiling 8″ Home Theater 5 Speaker Set 3 Way 1750 Watt New CS-IC83-5S

The Acoustic Audio CS-ic83 speakers come equipped with excellent sound in a wonderful package. These 8.0″ woofers have high rigidity polypropylene cones and feature progressive spiders, butyl rubber surrounds, poly mica midranges, 13mm soft dome tweeters, and 3-way passive crossovers providing for greater fidelity.

The speakers have a frequency response of 40Hz to 20kHz with an efficiency of 95dB and a 3-way design. The recommended power is 20 to 350 watts per speaker. The spring loaded speaker wire terminals are engineered in the USA and have paintable grills and frames, making them easy to customize to the look and feel of your entertainment center.

The included instructions detail everything you need to do to get the speakers installed in your walls or ceilings for your home entertainment area. What’s great about this kit is that you get 5 speakers in all, or 2.5 pairs, which is ideal for just about any setup.

Overall, these speakers offer an incredible amount of value at the fraction of the cost of some other speaker setups, and the sound quality is quite comparable to higher end models. If you are looking to setup your home entertainment area on a budget without sacrificing the overall fidelity, these speakers are the way to go.

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Polk Audio 265RT (Ea) 3-way In-wall Speaker

At the higher end of the price range, the Polk Audio 265RT has a driver with a silk/polymer tweeter, two 6-1/2 composite polymer, and rubber surround. The overall frequency response is 30 Hz to 27 kHz with a lower/upper -3dB limit.

To achieve big, full-range dynamic audio without any visible speaker boxes, you need to experience the power and potential of this 3-way, in-wall speaker. It features Polk’s patented Power Port bass venting system and it’s incredibly easy to install. With the help of these speakers, you can build a complete and custom high performing audio system that seamlessly blends into your decor.

The performance of this speaker can be tailored to suit your room’s unique environment. Superior audio controls guarantee the most spectacular sound and, even while performing at this level, Vanishing RT speakers are a fantastic value in today’s line of custom-installed loudspeakers.

It’s a solidly built speaker and offers awesome value at this competitive price point. When it comes to features and sound, it’s hard to beat this choice. In addition, you’ll love the fact that these speakers look super clean when they are properly installed in your entertainment area.

While reviewers noted that there is no enclosure on the rear, they were very impressed with how the system is managed. If you want to achieve cinematic quality audio for your entertainment center, you can even follow the suggestion of using audio insulation around the rear of these speakers.

Overall, the sound is nicely balanced and, with a sub, you can compete your setup to enjoy true depth in the audio this system puts out. Once you tweak your receiver settings to your liking, you’ll figure out the perfect match-up to go with your room and speaker layout. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have an audio entertainment setup that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

Although many installations will end up hiding the visual of these speakers, one thing you are certain to notice is just how tight and clean of a visual result you’ll get once installed properly in your walls. The grills sit truly flush against your room’s walls or ceiling, which makes for a custom built-in appearance as though the speakers were made to be there.

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Making The Choice

If you’re in the market for some in-wall speakers for any entertainment area inside (or outside) your home, you should definitely take the time to review all of these options. From high quality builds to excellent quality sound, these options have a lot of added value at price points that can be fit into just about any budget.

And, when in doubt, don’t be scared to call in some professional assistance with the actual installation to make sure the end result is visually appealing and setup in a way that will maximize the audio quality of your room’s space and environment.