Best Headphone Guitar Amps

Have your neighbors been complaining about your late-night jamming sessions? It’s time to buy a best headphone guitar amp and let them sleep in peace while you jam on your favorite song. Headphone amps are compact, easy-to-use, and convenient. Headphone amps are portable, and you can carry it in your backpack anytime. The amps either run on chargeable batteries or primary batteries. The abundance of features depends on the price you pay for the amp. However, it will have excellent battery life and come with a variety of tones and amp modes. Apart from the headphone jack, the amp will have an AUX input to connect to speakers and different audio players.

This article is for you if you’re on a hunt to buy a fine quality headphone amp.
We’ve listed the five best amps for your guitar with top-notch features at an affordable price. They amplify the sound quality and come with multiple effects and tones. Choose the one that best fits your budget.


Best Headphone Guitar Amp – Comparison Table

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Vox amPlug 2 AC30 G2The Amp with the Best Battery Life

VOX AMPLUG2 AC30 headphone guitar ampIntroducing a headphone amp to your guitar adds a little oomph to it, and Vox AmPlug rightly does that. An excellent amp that lets you practice at 3 AM without troubling the neighbors or your family members. 

If you’re confused and bogged down about which amp to buy, you no longer have to hunt for the best one. We’ve already mentioned that Korg’s Vox is the best choice. With three amp modes and nine selectable effects, you couldn’t ask for more. 

It is easy-to-use and convenient with a plug mechanism that is foldable up to 180 degrees. The battery life is exceptional, and once charged, you can use it for 17 hours straight. It has an aux input to connect to speakers as well. 


  • Lightweight and Portable with top-notch sound quality
  • Available in seven different styles
  • It is equipped with an Aux cable to connect with speakers
  • The product comes with a set of batteries.
  • It comes with nine customizable effects and three amp modes. 


  • It is a delicate product and might require careful handling.
  • Prints on the knob make it quite challenging to read due to the tiny fonts. 

Recommended: Yes

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Valeton Rushead MaxGreat Pocket-Friendly Headphone Amp

Valeton RH-100 headphone guitar ampHaving a large amplifier stack is so inconvenient that it gets annoying when you head to practice alone in your room. But with Valeton Rushead Max, you can carry it wherever you wish in your backpack. You can plug it into any audio player as well. It comes at a reasonable price and works effectively with bass guitar as well. Rushead Max is also equipped with a USB charger.

It has a wide array of effects and amps, making this mini-amp stand out from the rest. The two effects are ambient and modulation, where you can play them individually or sync between the two. It is sturdy enough and has excellent battery life. 


  • This pocket amp is robust and is a real value for the price.
  • The variety of effects and amps make it one of the best. 
  • It has excellent battery life and is chargeable too. 
  • Available at an affordable price without compromising the quality of the sound.


  • The plug doesn’t have a swivel feature, so you cannot rotate the pin to access the controls. 
  • It may not be ideal for a guitar with side inputs.

Recommended: Yes, it’s a great alternative to Vox.

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Kithouse B6The One with the Variety of Effects

Kithouse B6 headphone guitar ampWhether you want to jam in your patio or outdoors, Kithouse B6 offers the best sound quality with a variety of effects. The five effects are Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Overdrive, and Wow Wah. The battery is chargeable and lasts for more than eight hours straight. It is also equipped with a Bluetooth receiver to play the music along in the background while practicing.

It comes with a 6.35mm input and 3.5mm output. This tiny amp doesn’t compromise the sound quality and comes with many features at an affordable price. Though you cannot mix up the effects and play, overall, Kithouse B6 offers plenty of features for the price.


  • The Bluetooth receiver feature stands out from the rest as it is easy to practice with it. 
  • Battery backup is excellent without draining for eight hours. It is chargeable. 
  • B6 comes with five sound effects and perfect for practicing.
  • It is portable, lightweight, and convenient to carry all-around. 


  • Only one effect can be used at a time, and you cannot mix them.
  • There is noise with some of the effects when kept at high volumes.

Recommended: Yes, highly recommended for beginners.

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Marshall MS2Easily Portable and Incredibly Lightweight Amp

MARSHALL MS-2 headphone guitar ampIf you want to practice playing the guitar alone or want to play it in front of a small group of friends and family, this battery-powered portable amp with a headphone jack might offer the right amount of features. Though not applicable for pro guitarists who play in large concerts, Marshall S2 is perfect for children and beginners or just as a small practice amp. It is supplied with a one Marshall watt, has a headphone jack, and comes with volume and tone control. It is incredibly lightweight and small, making it easily portable in your backpack. Marshall S2 offers the right amount of sound without being too loud or too low.


  • Lightweight, small, and portable. 
  • Sound is perfect for playing in small gatherings or practice alone. 


  • Doesn’t produce full-size sound

Recommended: Yes, for beginners and guitarists who like to play in front of a small group of people. 

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NUX GP-1Low-priced Classic British Distortion Amp

Nux GP-1 headphone guitar ampIf you’re a beginner, practicing with NUX GP-1 makes it easier. It is one of the most low-priced amps on this list and does its job right. With clean sound and light distortion, it offers the bare minimum features of any amp. Though you cannot mix the effects, it is excellent for the price. It is fitted with an aux jack making it easy to practice and has a classic British distortion. Since it does not come with batteries, you will have to keep 2 AAA batteries ready with you.


  • It is equipped with an AUX jack.
  • It is reasonably priced with decent features. 


  • It does not come with batteries. You have to buy them separately. 
  • Delicate and not durable compared to the rest.
  • It is not applicable for bass guitarists.

Recommended: Yes, it is the right choice for beginners.

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Best Headphone Guitar Amps – BUYER’S GUIDE

Before buying a headphone amp, you need to keep certain things in mind. You should ensure the amp aligns well with your requirements as well as your budget. We have listed a few parameters to consider to help you out. 

If you’re a beginner, this guide will be useful. Most of the headphone amps come at low prices, but you should ensure which offers the best feature for that price. 

A quality amp will have the right choice of tones, has a chargeable battery, has an aux input, is sturdy enough, and portable. The battery can last up to eight hours once charged. 

Though pricey amps offer top-notch quality, if you’re a novice or want one while practicing at home, going for the low-priced ones is best. 

Headphone amp Types

Micro amplifiers have one connector that plugs into the guitar. They have no output units. It is easy-to-use and compact.

Mini amplifiers are compact and easily portable. They have a headphone output and are run by batteries. 

While guitar amps are needed, headphone amps are a must too. They allow you to practice alone at night without disturbing others and also in small gatherings. 

Types of Headphones

For the headphone amp to work effectively, you must have a good set of headphones. If your headphones are the low-priced ones, you might not get the high-quality sounding tones.

 The quality of both the headphones and the headphone amp matters if you want to jam your favorite song or practice it alone. Ensure you have a decent headphone set before buying a headphone amp. 


As we’ve seen in our above list of best headphone amps, they come in various tones. The Vox Amplug has nine selectable tones. With some of the amps, you can play bass guitars that produce top-notch sound quality.

 Buying an amp that matches your style is essential. While a few of them have the option to mix and play, others don’t. Based on your budget, you need to choose the best one.

Battery and Battery Life

Headphone amps are equipped with chargeable batteries as well as non-rechargeable ones. You need to go for the chargeable ones as they are hassle-free and safe.

 Also, for some of the products, you will have to buy AAA batteries separately and keep purchasing once their battery life ends. Know the battery life and whether they are rechargeable before buying headphone amps for your guitar.


All the headphone amps are portable, but you need to handle them with care as it is compact. A few of the amps are delicate and might break if you keep them in your backpack or handle it roughly. 

So, always go for the one that is sturdy enough. Though they are lightweight, durability and robustness are essential factors to consider while buying one. It is easy to lose these amps since they are tiny, so keep it separately and handle it with care.


What to consider when you are buying a headphone amp?

Answer: As mentioned in the buying guide, you need to check the type of batteries, the robustness, ease-of-use, tones available, and whether or not it has an aux input. 

Most of the headphones are equipped with an aux input so you can connect with an audio player while jamming. Ensure the battery life is good and stays for a long time. With all these features, your life is made easier than ever.

How to use Headphone Amps?

Answer: It’s pretty easy. All you have to do is plug in the amp to the guitar and your headphones to the amp’s headphone jack. Turn on the amp, and you’re good to go. With this, the sound quality is improved drastically, and you can strum the guitar at night without disturbing anyone.

Are Headphone Amps Worth It?

Answer: Yes, headphone amps are absolutely worth it. Headphone amps allow you to jam on your guitar without disturbing anyone. If you’re a beginner, these amps are the best for you. Given their reasonable price, these amps come with plenty of features, making it a real value for money. You no longer have to find the right place to practice with these amps. 

Is it necessary to buy a headphone amp?

Answer: Not always will your family members be okay with listening to you playing the guitar. And if you’re someone who picks up the guitar late at night to jam on your favorite song, headphone amps provide the best sound quality without disturbing your neighbors. Though it is up to you, it can be beneficial if you play the guitar at home frequently.


We hope this guide has helped to decide which headphone amps to buy. The best amps are the ones that offer all the features at an affordable price. Always go for the chargeable battery amps to avoid any hassle and ensure they provide a good variety of tones and effects. Ensure it has a longer battery life, durable, sturdy enough, and buy the one that does not break when kept in your backpack. 

That said, you can have the best jamming experience with these headphone amps whether you wish to play it at home, in your guitar classes, or play as you backpack and go.

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