Best EL84 Power Tubes 2022

Finding replacement amp tubes is hard. How do you know which ones will serve you best? The type that is reliable is EL84. If you need tubes that enhance the sound delivery of amps, read this article. You may find the ones you know are perfect for your amp’s performance.

Sovtek EL84 Matched Power Tubes Medium Duet

These power tubes give you smooth, warm and pleasant distortion. The improved sound quality is unmatched by other tubes and they’re perfect for Vintage VOX AC-30’s amps.

The Sovtek EL84 is used by some of the best amps manufacturers’ ranges such as Fender, Crate and Peavey.

The platinum set has a matching process that must be followed when it’s installed in the amp. The process consists of:

  • A 24 hour burn in period
  • A bias current measurement in milliamps

There are three breakup modes:

  • Soft rated tubes break up easier and earlier which yield a heavier and harder distortion
  • Hard rated tubes yield a cleaner sound
  • Medium rated tubes fall in between soft and hard


  • Sounds are enhanced instantly
  • Easy to install
  • You can get a sound you prefer with one of the three break up modes


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JJ Electronics T-EL84-JJ-MP Vacuum Tube EL84/6BQ5 Power Matched Pair

The JJ EL84 is an ideal replacement for guitar amps or Hi-Fis. This tube is available in singles, matched pairs or matched quads.

You get a combination of great tone and reliability with this amp. The JJ EL84 has a quality construction and is designed to have a low failure rate. These characteristics guarantee the tube has a long lifespan.

This tube fits into those amps that supports the EL84 format. When the tube fits the amp the sound performance is enhanced in the following way:

  • Music is smooth
  • There is no unwanted distortion or static
  • The lows, mids and highs are delivered as they should

The tube has a practical sound variety. Whether your music genre ranges from blues to metal the tube elevates the sound performance.


  • Matched sets produce clear, smooth sounds with a perfect amount of gain
  • The burn in period is short
  • Music is smooth even at high volumes


  • Unmatched tubes create a distortion noise
  • The tube is fragile
  • The tube can burn out within a day
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Groove Tubes GT-EL84-S Medium Duet Amplifier Tube