Best Balanced Headphone Amps

Have you ever thought that your music isn’t as balanced as it should be? Is your listening pleasure hampered by missing sounds or audio not reaching its volume potential? Perhaps all your sound system needs is the right headphone amp.

Explore these five balanced headphone amps to understand what you’re missing in your current sound experience.

SMSL SAP-9 Full Balanced Headphone Amplifier RCA XLR Input Black

This amplifier is designed to provide balanced sounds for headphones and RCA. It’s equipped with a 6.35mm headphone jack to support all earphones and headphones. A unique independent balanced circuit supports the leveled sound.

Each channel on the amp has an amplification circuit which broadens and separates high sounds. This leaves you with the ultimate sound experience.

The common mode inductor filter in the amp purifies sounds and doesn’t leave any unwanted noise. This amp was tested by audiophile end users to ensure sound is delivered as required no matter how choosy you are when it comes to music.

The electrical volume control ensures both left and right channels are equally balanced. There is no discord even at low volumes.

The amp is lightweight and compact for easy portability and storage.


  • The amp improves music performance
  • Mids, trebles, bass and highs are sharper and have greater detail
  • There is no background noise


  • Set up can be difficult
  • Not compatible with some devices
  • Usability is not straightforward

Sabaj Da3 Headphone Amplifier Mini Portable High Resolution Amplifier

The two decoding chips embedded into the product offer you the following benefits:

  • High bit rate digital processing
  • Ultra high dynamic range
  • Low distortion for better sound  
  • Dual DAC and circuit for better separation

The product has an exclusive customized driver support which gives the advanced audio range you need. The Xcore200Xu208.PCM sampling rate supports up to 32 bit/768kHz.

There are two ultra low phase noise crystals that act as an asynchronous clock system. This system makes sounds more accurate and with higher resolutions.

The product also has ultra low LDO power for both left and right channel amps. These two elements provide stable voltage for defined and balanced sounds.

The amp is designed with two headphone output jacks, 3.5mm UBAL and 2.5mm BAL. It’s compatible with all devices including smartphones.


  • All different notes are amplified and detailed
  • Strong build
  • Small and easy to carry


  • On and off button is difficult to use
  • You may need to change the device’s settings to make the amp compatible
  • Not long lasting

Behringer AMP800 Four Channel Headphone Amp

This amp’s compact design supplies enough power for headphones and studio and stage applications. There are four independent stereo high-power amplifier sections for ultimate sound performance. No matter the volume you will hear detailed sounds without any distortion.

There are 6 LED lights for each channel. These lights make it convenient for you to monitor which amp is producing sounds. There is an output meter which allows you to also monitor the output level.

There are also two balanced stereo main outputs. These outputs have independent level and balance controls for individual mixes.

The amp was made with strong materials for extra durability and longevity.


  • The amp doesn’t make static noise when there is no signal
  • The individual controls make monitoring the individual devices easier
  • Sounds are clear and detailed
  • Made with hard plastic which can transport easily


  • The amp is difficult to set up
  • The signal from the different channels can easily disconnect

SONY Portable headphone amplifier PHA-2A

This amp delivers the power you’ve always wanted. You get a high resolution audio experience. The amp can support audio formats up to 192 kHz or 24 bit.

The device is compatible with multiple devices. It features a standard USB connection for iOS, MP3 and smartphones. A microUSB connector is also embedded which charges the device. You need to use a USB AC adapter which is sold separately.

An internal asynchronous USB clock provides the accurate alteration of digital signals to analog sounds.

The amp design provides you with years of enjoyable listening experience. The aluminum casing protects the internal circuit from exterior impact. The alloy material on the knobs also protects the volume controls from impact.

The unit’s battery is rechargeable and powers music playing for approximately six hours. The quality of the music won’t diminish when the battery gets low.

The two-position side switch allows you to optimize the amplifier output level. This allows you to match the varying headphones’ impedances ranging from eight to 600Ohm. You only need to switch between the high and low output level to find settings perfect for your headphone impedance.


  • You get balanced output for both left and right channels
  • Pairing with the devices is simple and quick
  • It boosts the sound performance instantly


  • Not compatible with some devices
  • Switching between wires is inconvenient
  • It feels heavy

Samson QH4 4-Channel Studio Headphone Amplifier

You get a four-channel distributor amplifier. This feature and the compact design make it perfect to use for sound productions. There is an individual volume control for each channel. This makes it easier to control one headphone without affecting the other three.

There is a master dial that controls all four channels. The mono buttons help you manage the mono sound capability of your songs.

Musicians enjoy this device when they record music and during their live performances and radio broadcasts. Professionals trust that this unit delivers ultimate sound performances.


  • Lightweight yet has a sturdy construction
  • Most sounds are clear
  • There is no distortion no matter how loud the volume



Are you ready for the sound elevation you deserve? Choose any of these amps to give you what you need when you listen to your music. Because of their unique features, you can find one that’s ideal for the setup you enjoy your music in. And now it will only get better!