What Is 180 Gram Vinyl?

180 gram vinyl records have stolen the hearts of millions of audiophiles for a long time. At the beginning of the digital era, people started to move on from vintage records. However, not everyone wanted to abandon them. The reason behind it went beyond the sound quality. Many wanted to treasure the unique experience that … Read more

Pyle Tube Stereo Receiver Review 2021

Searching for something that’ll improve your speakers’ sound without breaking the bank? Check out the Pyle Tube Stereo Receiver—an impressive entry-level vacuum tube powerhouse that’ll have your brows rising.  The Pyle Tube Stereo Receiver, specifically the Pyle PVTA20, is a dual vacuum tube amplifier receiver that costs over half the price of premium brands without … Read more

The Best Phono Preamp in 2021

Adding a phono preamp to your sound system setup instantly takes your music from regular to glam. It glorifies the right parts of a song, cleans the sound from distractions, and picks up the tiniest music details. All the beautiful sounds that could otherwise be overlooked. You might’ve come across a fascinating vinyl, only to … Read more

How To Build A DIY Guitar Amp And Get Amazing Tone

 Building a DIY guitar amp from scratch could be a remote idea for many people. But the accessibility and assistance that an amp kit provides change everything. The idea of trying out the project becomes far more appealing.  To make the process even easier, here’s a detailed guide that’ll walk you through the entire DIY … Read more

Tone Is In The Details: The Best 12AX7 Datasheet

Also known as ECC83, the 12AX7 preamp tube was originally engineered and manufactured by RCA electronics company. Nowadays, a variety of companies produce 12AX7 preamp tubes including JJ Electronics in Slovakia and Shuguang in China, commonly referred to as Groove tubes. If you own a tube amplifier or considering using one, then you probably already … Read more

Nobsound Little Bear T7 Review 2021: A Big Performance for a Small Budget 

Listening to the pure and very real sound that comes out of vinyl is an incomparable experience. And it’s never complete without a vintage turntable.  To make this setup even more sensational, you can throw in the right preamp. This would instantly take the music to the next level, and it’s what these records deserve.  … Read more

Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee Full Review

Since its original debut in 1987, the Silver Jubilee has taken the music community by a storm. It’s caught the attention of many guitarists, thanks to its impeccable performance in clubs and arenas.  Nearly 30 years later, the company reissued its most celebrated amp head with an array of rugged features that appealed to faithful … Read more