StewMac Build Your Own ’59 Tweed 15W Amp Kit Review

If you’re searching for a vintage amp to add the richest and warmest tunes to your melodies, then consider the StewMac build your own ’59 Tweed 15W amp kit. Built to exactly match the original ‘59 model by Fender, this amp is considered a true marvel in the rock-n-roll world. And now you can put … Read more

5 Best Guitar Amp Kits

guitar amp kits

Are you thinking of buying a guitar amplifier? Where’s the fun in that? I’ll do you one better, how about you make one! All you need is to pick one of the best guitar amp kits and you can have all the fun! A guitar amp kit allows you to have all the benefits of … Read more

Xtonebox Silver 6011 Tube Amp Review

Amplifiers are electronic devices that boost the voltage and current of a signal. They’re used in audio equipment of all types. One amplifier that recently caught my attention is the XTonebox Silver 6011. It combines the vintage sound of the past with today’s high-tech first-rate features. In my XTonebox Silver 6011 review, I’ll tell you … Read more

Fender Super Champ X2 Reviewed!

As an experienced guitarist, you must’ve always dreamed of owning a Fender amplifier. Yet, you may want to reconsider your decision and go for the Fender Super Champ x2 combo instead. This tube combo amplifier can easily take your rehearsals or live performance to the next level thanks to its upgraded features. Ready to learn … Read more

Rockville BluTube Amplifier Review

Though transistors have become preferred to vacuum tubes, you’ll find that many music enthusiasts are still loyal to the vacuum tube amplifier. Although transistors are more durable and reliable, audiophiles still love vacuum amps, as they give a more warm sound. This is especially the case for music lovers who appreciate and look for an … Read more

Great 2.5-Watt Parts-Only Cigar Box Amplifier Review

Building your own guitar amplifier can be a fun and educational experience.  Yes, you probably already own an amplifier. However, using your bare hands to make one can be satisfactory to no end. Cigar box amplifiers have an appeal of their own. They can produce the most vibrant sounds that you can use to impress … Read more

The Best Small Tube Amp for Recording

Planning to add to your collection of well-used amps? Excitedly comparing amps to buy your very first Vox or Fender? Or are you a newcomer who’s just stumped by all the British vs. American debates about inanimate objects? Quit plucking those guitar strings for a few minutes. We can help you decide on the best … Read more

How To Use A Tube Amp Headphone Attenuator

“I’m on top as long as the music’s loud,” soared the legendary Rob Halford on the Judas Priest classic You’ve Got Another Thing Coming from the group’s 1982 LP, Screaming for Vengeance. That very line is a statement that almost all musicians, especially guitarists, religiously live by.  However, while we might find pleasure in cranking … Read more